Expand Survey Capabilities

Beamo Pathfinder is a next-generation smart location-tracker. Bring your captures to new exciting possibilities. 

Beamo Survey Kit and Torchbearer

Beamo Pathfinder

$4990 USD

Beamo Pathfinder is the perfect add-on for your Beamo Survey Kit to unlock new survey capabilities and improve modularity.

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Always stay on track

Beamo Pathfinder is a smart location-tracker using visual odometry. Simply put, it uses its vision to determine its position at all times. It is the same process applied on the Mars Exploration Rovers. Working exactly like human vision, Beamo Pathfinder uses both of its eyes, also called stereo cameras, to understand how the user moves through space: distance traveled, rotation...

Beamo Pathfinder is a more flexible and robust solution for outdoor and indoor mapping than smartphone-based visual odometry. It enables you to map larger indoor and outdoor spaces, while improving the precision of each capture.

Improved Tracking

Beamo Pathfinder makes sure your captures stay on track, with improved precision compared to smartphone-based tracking setup.

Improved Workflow

Beamo Pathfinder removes several time-consuming steps when setting up your captures and uploading your content to the Beamo Portal.

Improved Flexibility

Beamo Pathfinder has improved maneuverability when it comes to capturing space. Expand your captures in unprecedented ways.

Want to take Beamo for a 360° spin?

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Just Clip & Go

Beamo Pathfinder can be used on any device or contraption that you could come up with to capture your sites. Just give it a try and push its capabilities to the limit.

On foot

Most Intuitive and modular capturing method (tripod, helmet…).

On wheels

Cover vast open lands and roads, on any vehicle, in no time.

On legs

Hop on the back of a robot-dog for remote inspection.


In the Box

Beamo Pathfinder comes with its own Beamo Starter Kit which contains all the necessary accessories to simply and quickly capture digital twins using the Beamo App.

  • Beamo Pathfinder

  • Tripod

  • 360 Mount

  • Smart Holder x2

  • Remote Control

  • Transport Bag


Fits in your pocket

Beamo Pathfinder is so compact it can fit in your pocket. It can be clipped between the top of the tripod and the 360 Mount easily.

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Capture great surveys with a lightweight tool

Beamo Starter Kit includes a light but sturdy collapsible tripod that you can easily carry anywhere, including hard-to-reach sites. The Tripod holds the 360 Mount and Smart Holders and has 3 different preset levels to ensure consistent survey captures.

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Just use off-the-shelf 360° Cameras

Beamo Starter Kit includes a 360 Mount where you can insert your 360° camera and attach it to the Tripod. The 360 Mount includes alignment guides to ensure that the 360° camera is attached correctly. Beamo Starter Kit is compatible with Ricoh Theta Z1, V, SC and SC2.

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Convenient place for your phone and battery

Beamo Starter Kit includes two (2) smart holders that can be clipped onto the Tripod. Attach your smartphone and an optional battery pack securely onto the tripod and begin capturing.

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Capture from a distance

Beamo Starter Kit includes a bluetooth remote control that allows convenient, remote captures within short distances.


Bring your tools anywhere

Carry your Beamo Starter Kit wherever you want, all secured in a convenient and sturdy bag. The Starter Kit is easy to carry and convenient to travel with.

Want to take Beamo for a 360° spin?