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For each Beamo Starter Kit purchased on shop.beamo.ai, get an exclusive 30-day Free Trial of our Beamo Essential Plan. Get started right away, inspect your sites 30% faster and reduce reporting time by 90%.

After your free 30 days, pay as little as $USD250.00* / month, billed annually. Cancel online anytime with just a few clicks. We’ll send you an email 7 days before your trial ends.

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Beamo Starter Kit

$490 USD

Beamo Starter Kit fits in your suitcase or backpack and can easily be carried around or brought during business trips. No more heavy equipment that's difficult to manipulate or long inspection times.

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Set up your team for success

Stop carrying around heavy and expensive equipment and performing time-consuming and complex reality captures. Beamo revolutionizes the survey workflow by allowing anybody to digitize their critical assets using only a 360° camera, a smartphone, and the Beamo App.

Our patented spatial capture technology works in synchrony with a line of accessories - assembled in our Beamo Starter Kit - that are designed to simplify the transport, preparation, and capture stages.

Easy to use

Set it up in less than a minute. Lightweight yet robust, the Beamo Starter Kit grants surveyors a fast and pain-free survey, even when capturing large areas. No more bulky equipment to carry around, and no more missing items.

Easy to align

Easily and properly match orientation data, location data, and image data by aligning the 360° camera and smartphone. Minimize the need for any post-editing of the survey afterwards.

Easy to measure

The Beamo Starter Kit conveniently provides 3 level markers for the camera’s height. No need for measuring tapes. Input this in the Beamo App to be able measure things accurately in the 3D Workspace.

Beamo Starter Kit Standard

Keep high standards
across the map

The secret of a sucessful Digital Twin strategy is consistency across all your sites. We created a protocolized workflow that guides users through a friction-less survey by using the Beamo Starter Kit. Easily capture multiple sites at scale by deploying the same kits in all sites.

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Set the same standard across teams

Beamo Starter Kit is intuitive and easy to use by following step-by-step instructions.

Beamo Starter Kit Benefits 01

Set the same standard across time

Track and compare changes over time when capturing the same site over a period of time. 

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In the Box

Beamo Starter Kit contains all the necessary accessories to simply and quickly
capture digital twins using the Beamo App.

  • Tripod

  • 360 Mount

  • Smart Holder x2

  • Remote Control

  • Transport Bag

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Capture great surveys with a lightweight tool

Beamo Starter Kit includes a light but sturdy collapsible tripod that you can easily carry anywhere, including hard-to-reach sites. The Tripod holds the 360 Mount and Smart Holders and has 3 different preset levels to ensure consistent survey captures.

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Just use off-the-shelf 360° Cameras

Beamo Starter Kit includes a 360 Mount where you can insert your 360° camera and attach it to the Tripod. The 360 Mount includes alignment guides to ensure that the 360° camera is attached correctly. Beamo Starter Kit is compatible with Ricoh Theta Z1, V, SC and SC2.

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Convenient place for your phone and battery

Beamo Starter Kit includes two (2) smart holders that can be clipped onto the Tripod. Attach your smartphone and an optional battery pack securely onto the tripod and begin capturing.

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Capture from a distance

Beamo Starter Kit includes a bluetooth remote control that allows convenient, remote captures within short distances.


Bring your tools anywhere

Carry your Beamo Starter Kit wherever you want, all secured in a convenient and sturdy bag. The Starter Kit is easy to carry and convenient to travel with.

Beamo Starter Kit Benefits-1

Most tripods do not have enough room to power your 360° camera since its charging is located at the bottom. The 360 Mounts fits your 360° camera like a glove to protect it, charge it, and clip it easily to the top of the tripod.


To simplify setup and general usage, all our accessories are modular and can fit any situation. You can easily interchange them in seconds using our built-in quick-release plates. It is that simple, just clip and go.


We make it simple to survey larger sites. Use the second Smart Holder to fit any extra battery pack to charge your phone and your 360° camera. You don’t need to take charging breaks. Just keep capturing.


Using the Tripod‘s multi-level flip locks, you can easily adjust and keep the right height for your surveys. You can capture both tight and open spaces and easily set your own protocols.


Just the right mix

When it comes to choosing a tool to create Digital Twins, you need to strike the right bargain between ease of use and quality. Beamo Started Kit offers the best bargain to keep your captures consistent between your teams and over time.



Bring everywhere you need. The Starter Kit is light and travel-friendly, easy to take anywhere with you and fits in your carry-on luggage.



Take clear and balanced shots. No more shaky, blurred or lopsided photos. Take accurate 360° pictures every time you capture sites.



Capture however you like. Each component of the Starter Kit is designed to be modular and assembled according to your preferred mode of capturing .



Beamo Starter Kit is engineered to endure thousands of survey captures with protection against possibly harsh and rugged conditions of industrial sites.

Want to take Beamo for a 360° spin?