3i Inc. Operates a Booth in Collaboration with NTT BizLink at Asia’s Largest Architectural Fair

Digital twin platform service company 3i Inc. participated in the ‘Japan Build 2023’ held in Tokyo, Japan for three days from December 13th.

Digital twin platform service company 3i Inc.(CEO Kim Ken) announced that it participated in the ‘Japan Build 2023’ held in Tokyo, Japan for three days from December 13th.

Japan Build, Asia’s largest architectural and housing fair, is held every year in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, as a venue for promotions where experts from around the world share the latest technologies and information in the construction and housing industries. 3i operated a booth in collaboration with its partner NTT BizLink at the fair in Tokyo to introduce a digital twin solution based on 360-degree photos called “Beamo.”

Japan Build(1)-1

Japan Build(4)

Beamo is an enterprise-class digital twin solution that can create 360 views by capturing construction sites through simple equipment consisting of a 360-degree camera, a smartphone, and a tripod, and is mainly used to monitor sites and shorten construction periods at construction sites because it can conduct surveys of indoor spaces without GPS. Compared to other competitors, it has the advantage of being easily introduced not only in large construction sites but also in small and medium-sized construction sites because it is simple to use and can be subscribed at a reasonable cost.

Meanwhile, NTT BizLink, which jointly operated the booth with 3i at the fair, is a subsidiary of NTT Communications, Japan’s largest telecommunications company, and signed a distribution and supply contract with 3i in 2021. According to an official, 3i and NTT BizLink jointly operated the booth at the fair to identify technological trends in the Japanese architecture industry market, to discover potential customers, and to establish their position as digital twin companies in the Japanese market.

3i Inc. operated a booth with NTT BizLink at Japan Build 2023

“Japan is one of the countries that is currently suffering from labor shortages due to the deepening low birth rate,” 3i Kim Ken said. “Since the market is actively introducing digital technology to improve labor productivity, we will focus on ensuring that our digital twin technology can be quickly distributed in the market.”

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