Beamo AWE-mazes at AWE 2021

The Beamo team had an absolute blast attending AWE USA 2021 last November 9 to 11, in Santa Clara, California.

The Beamo team had an absolute blast attending AWE USA 2021 last November 9 to 11, in Santa Clara, California. We were thrilled to showcase Beamo, our digital twin solution, to like-minded individuals who are as enthusiastic about XR technology as we are.

Beamo, the star of the Enterprise Track

Enterprises were truly a force to reckon with in the AWE landscape this year, bringing a wide range of use cases to the table. As the adoption of immersive and spatial technologies continues to make strides within all industry verticals, the XR industry is reaching an unprecedented level of maturity. From wild ideas in incubation to practical implementations in the field, the industry is now reaping tangible results in terms of improving efficiencies and reducing errors in various areas, including safety, security, training, etc.

Beaming a light on industrial use cases.

Beamo, as a provider of enterprise-grade digital twins, shed a beam of light on industrial applications within the AWE Enterprise Track. Beamo partnered with one of its clients - SeAH Changwon Integrated Special Steel (SeAH CSS) - to show the impact of Digital Twins in the steel manufacturing industry. Mr. Minseok Chae, CDO of SeAH CSS, in an exclusive testimony titled “Forging the METALverse with Beamo“, showed his vision and the current status of his enterprise’s digital transformation.

Beamo x SeAH CSS Talk AWE 2021
Minseok Chae, CDO of SeAH, presenting his talk Forging the METALverse with Beamo.

Mr. Chae shared how much trouble they went through just to inspect, maintain, and manage their facilities, which in certain places can reach unbearable temperatures. To inspect one facility, they would aggregate up to 7,000 pictures and videos manually over a few months. As a result, reporting was a painful and slow process, with the final output being hard to leverage afterward and practically obsolete almost as soon as it was produced.

So SeAH CSS decided to make a Perfect Factory: a factory where human control and autonomous system control can work together in perfect harmony. They set out to create a virtual world that was identical to the real world and to bring legacy facilities online.

SeAH CSS partnered with Beamo to forge their METALverse, the foundation for the Perfect Factory. Through the Beamo platform, SeAH is now able to:

  • automate the compilation of their photo and video report and save precious months of manual work
  • monitor their machines in real-time without needing to visit onsite by contextualizing existing IoT sensor data
  • train and self-onboard personnel on safety protocols for restricted and hazardous areas
  • gain visibility over dark and hard-to-reach places, like inside their large RSB machines, usually inaccessible.

Not only was Beamo able to create a perfect virtual replica of their steel production facilities, SeAH was blown away by how fast and easy it was for someone to capture any space, no expertise required. SeAH is now well on its way to creating a true Perfect Factory, with Beamo playing a central role, where SeAH’s other IoT and information systems are all connected through the Beamo platform.

Winning the Best Enterprise Solution Awards.

At the peak of AWE was the 12th Auggie Awards Ceremony. The place-to-be for the best of the best in the XR industry, the Auggie Awards honors excellence in augmented, virtual, and mixed reality.

12th Auggie Awards Ceremony - Credit: AWE USA 2021

After a 6-month long screening process from the public and the jury and a nerve-racking drum roll, the results were finally in: Beamo takes home the trophy for Best Enterprise Solution! We couldn’t have been more proud of our solution, our Beamo team, and our entire 3i family.

Beamo competed against 83 other contenders for the Best Enterprise Solution category and was selected as one of the 6 finalists. This award shows the dedication of the Beamo team to work hand-in-hand with our clients to craft a solution that will make the biggest impact.

Check out our press release.

AWE 2021 - An ode to the XR industry

One of the most AWE-inspiring aspects of the show was to witness firsthand all the innovative creations being showcased at each corner of the exhibition. From synaptic gloves to AR glasses and XR authoring tools, solution providers and end-users alike were each holding a piece of the Metaverse puzzle.

The race to the Metaverse

This buzzword, Metaverse, was brought up countless times during the event. And everyone had a lot of different questions about it and many more different answers. But one thing is sure: the Metaverse will not be unique. Every tech giant out there will soon be rushing to create its own version. Pretty soon, there will be a plethora of different Metaverses leveraging a multitude of different capabilities and combinations of different technologies.

We believe that the Digital Twin is the foundation of this Metaverse, a spatially anchored replica of a physical space that can be updated at a defined interval and fidelity. Spatial capture is a big part of the Industrial Metaverse equation. And this is what we do at Beamo: we create 360° virtual replicas of any space. Capturing digital twins is made easy, scalable, and fast-up to 10x faster than other digital twin solutions. For enterprises, this digital twin can contextualize and help visualize complex processes or tribal knowledge, it can aggregate databases, AR content, training content, asset information, IoT sensor data, etc., all linked by a common spatial and digital thread.

Robotics in the field of digital twin automation

One way to create a digital twin is through the use of autonomous robots. Spatial capture can be automated to the point where a person will not have to go to the site to capture a physical space. This was demonstrated over at the AWE Playground, where visitors were delighted with Scotty, the robot dog from Unitree Robotics. Scotty is an A1 model, best-of-breed in dog robotics.

Meet Scotty, the robot dog, at the AWE Playground - Credit: CGTN America

Everyone agreed that our Scotty is a good boy, and unlike any other robot dog, he can fetch digital twins! He was adopted and trained by Beamo to integrate with our patented spatial capture system as a proof-of-concept for industrial applications in the field of digital twins. Scotty showed the audience how easy it is to capture immersive digital twins with Beamo, using any robot, and instantly teleport to remote places at the push of a button.

Overall, we’re very glad to have participated in AWE USA 2021. So, do look forward to Beamo’s attendance at more events in the future!

Beamo Team at AWE USA 2021
Beamo Team at the 515 booth - AWE USA 2021 Exhibition Hall

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