Forging the METALverse at AWE 2021

Beamo invites Mr. Chae of SeAH CSS to speak about SeAH’s efforts in digital transformation at the AWE USA 2021 in Santa Clara, CA on Nov. 9th, 10:30 AM.

Beamo has invited Mr. Chae of SeAH Changwon Integrated Special Steel to speak about SeAH’s efforts in digital transformation at the AWE USA 2021 in Santa Clara, CA, on November 9th, 10:30 AM. Register for the event to attend Mr. Chae’s talk and visit Beamo at Booth 515, from November 9th to 11th.

Meet Beamo, major sponsor of the upcoming AWE 2021, at Booth 515, to discover an impressive line-up of AWE-some content for you. So get ready because Adventure AWE-aits.

AWE Event with Beamo

Exciting Beamo Talk on the Enterprise Track

Joining Beamo at the AWE 2021 is Mr. Chae, Chief Digital Officer of SeAH Changwon Integrated Special Steel (SeAH CSS), to talk about SeAH’s digital transformation journey and how Beamo’s digital twin solution has become a more central focus of their strategy.

SeAH CSS - Forging the METALverse with Beamo.


As we embark on our digital transformation, the digital twin has become a more central focus in our strategy. Enterprises with distributed facilities, regardless of how many or few, are challenged to digitalize because our workflows are spread across too many unintegrated platforms. Allow me to share our vision, our journey, the wins, and the pitfalls as we forge ahead into the METALverse with Beamo.

    NOV. 9th, 2021, 10:30 AM
    GRAND BALLROOM EF, Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA


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As a global enterprise with distributed facilities, SeAH CSS encountered many challenges with digitalization because its workflows were spread across different, unintegrated platforms. Through Beamo, SeAH CSS will be able to unify their entire network of facilities, even when they're thousands of miles apart. Beamo and SeAH CSS are now at the end of a PoC for one of their Steel Manufacturing Plants.

Video courtesy of SeAH CSS

How to fetch a Digital Twin with Scotty

Meet Scotty, the A1 robot dog from Unitree Robotics, at the AWE Playground, from 11 am to 6 PM. Why did we call him Scotty? Because he will beam you up. Indeed, Scotty will show you how easy it is to capture immersive digital twins with Beamo, using any robot, and instantly teleport to remote places at the push of a button. 

The AWE Playground is AWE's 20,000 square foot AR+VR experience center, featuring jaw-dropping, highly immersive, and interactive demos not seen under one roof anywhere else.

Play with Scotty, the robot dog, is an exclusive Beamo experience for the AWE Playground, designed to leverage today's technology in an engaging, fun, and exciting way.

Drop by our booth to win amazing prizes

Don't forget to drop by Booth 515 where we have a lot of fun things in store for you. The Beamo team is pumped to show you how fun, fast, and easy it is to capture your facilities, augment them with information, and collaborate with your teams using Beamo. Play the Beamo Games with our teams to win amazing prizes—like our Pivo Pod, your own smart cameraman, that lets you get creative, insanely creative! We also promise you that with our exclusive Beamo merch, you won't get cold feet. Literally. 

See you soon!

About AWE |

With over 5,000 companies and 50,000 professionals from all over the world, AWE is the XR ecosystem marketplace to be at for solution providers and end-users to meet. Established since 2010, AWE hosts multiple events and activities for its XR community such as major conferences in the US, EU, and Asia, free online webinars and local meetups, educational classes and workshops, the Auggie Awards, and more.

About SeAH Changwon Integrated Special Steel |

SeAH Changwon Integrated Special Steel is a manufacturer of high-tech industrial materials. SeAH CSS has been manufacturing stainless steel, tool steel, carbon alloy steel with a production capacity of 1.2 million tons per year. As a leading special steel maker in Korea, SeAH CSS has been producing high-tech industrial materials for various applications, including automotives, machinery, aviation, nuclear energy, shipbuilding, and electronics. Furthermore, SeAH CSS produces forgings such as shipbuilding materials and die steels with forging machines as well as round bar steels and steel pipe products.

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