Integration of Digital Twin and IoT Sensor for Facility Management

Beamo is the ideal digital twin solution for facility management that provides IoT integration.

Increasing Facility Management Market

The global integrated facility management market is increasing. The market size is expected to reach $140.68 billion by 2028, as the need for efficient facility management increases. The rise of the Internet of Things(IoT) has led to the integration of advanced systems and analytics, further fueling the growth of the integrated facility management market.

Meanwhile, the digital twin technology is currently expanding in wider and more diverse fields such as the Internet of Things. Facility managers can monitor IoT sensors within the digital twin platform and have full visibility into the entire facility. Let’s look at Beamo’s customer case that integrated IoT sensors into Beamo, a 360 photo-based digital twin, and used them for facility management.


What was customer's needs?

One of Beamo’s clients was a facility management company that managed facilities distributed throughout the country. When the IoT sensor alarms in the facility, the outsourcing worker in the area was called to the facility to solve the problem. However, it was not easy for an outsourced worker who had never been to the facility to find the exact location of the sensor in a large-scale facility at once. There was also a more serious problem that it was difficult to communicate between managers and workers because text or phone calls were not available below the fourth basement floor.


Solution with Beamo!

Beamo’s strong point is that it supports integration with other software. It means customers don’t have to use multiple platforms. It is possible to embed and monitor IoT sensors within Beamo or to integrate Beamo’s 360 view into the existing IoT sensor monitoring platform. By tagging IoT sensors on Beamo, facility managers can immediately locate the sensor alarm when it occurs, and workers can reach it in a timely manner in an easier and more intuitive way than ever before. This work process reduces downtime of the facility and communication gap, enabling quick action.

IoT Integration

Beamo is a versatile digital twin platform that can be applied to a wide range of industries. Get a 360 view of your site and raise work efficiency with Beamo.


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