Beamo operated a booth in Japan IT Week and introduce digital twin solutions

3i Inc. participated in the largest IT fair 'Japan IT Week' to introduce digital twin solutions.

3i Inc. which provides digital twin solutions, plans to accelerate its entry into the Japanese market by participating in Japan IT Week 2023, the largest IT fair in Japan.

Japan IT Week is Japan's largest IT exhibition held four times a year in Japan, and is a venue for public relations where experts from various IT fields participate to share the latest products and information.

3i Inc. introduced the enterprise-class digital twin solution Beamo and smartphone auto-tracking shooting equipment Pivo at the fair held in Japan for three days from the 25th.

3i's digital twin solution Beamo is an enterprise solution that can shoot space with 360 cameras and digitize it in 3D to monitor small and medium-sized industrial sites without visiting the site in person, and has domestic and large companies as customers.

3i's hardware product PIVO is a smart pod in which a 360-rotating smartphone follows the face, movement, and objects through auto-tracking technology to photograph objects. Pivo is a product suitable for creators who produce video content, athletes who need to observe body movements, and real estate experts who want to capture the inside of assets and produce them as 3D tours.

In 2021, 3i Inc. signed a distribution and supply contract with NTT BizLink for digital twin solution Beamo, expanding its business to the Japanese market. NTT Communications, Japan's largest telecommunications company, has already been recognized for its product and technology in the Japanese market as it uses Beamo to inspect data centers distributed in various cities in Japan.

Through participation in the Japan IT Week as a booth operator, we seem to have an opportunity to expand our local business in Japan by introducing advanced digital twin solutions, said CEO Kim Ken of 3i. "We will strive to help our digital twin solutions play an important role in the fast-growing digital twin market in Japan."

Japan IT Week(쓰리아이)



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