Beamo Use Case for IoT Solution Provider

Discover how, an Australian Industrial IoT 'as a Service' provider, tackled the challenge of lacking spatial information in their monitoring platform.

Digital twins are being used in a variety of industries. One of Beamo's many customers, Australian-based, a provider of IoT sensors and solutions, wanted to integrate Beamo's 3D views into its existing sensor monitoring platform to provide its customers with a spatially informed IoT platform. Let's take a look at's digital twin use case, which uses API integration to add 360 views to its IoT platform, giving customers a tool for more efficient facility management.


Company: is an Australian industrial IoT 'as a Service' provider founded in 2018 that offers IoT devices and sensors that transfer real-time data from building systems, spaces and other remote field assets. provides a wide range of sensors which help businesses improve maintenance activities.’s customers utilize these sensors and data to run their businesses more safely and efficiently, including reducing maintenance costs and preventing failures. 


Lack of Spatial Information had its own IoT sensor platform, but it had a lack of spatial information.'s facility owners usually were sending workers into the facility to fix the problem when sensors deployed in the facility were alarmed. The problem was that workers could not quickly and accurately locate the alarmed sensor in a large outdoor site. They needed spatial information to improve communication between facility managers and field workers so that decided to integrate their IoT monitoring platform and 3D view.


Integration of Beamo's 360-Degree View

Beamo provided a solution to integrate a 360-degree view into's platform. A 360 camera and the Beamo app were launched to capture the interior of the facility and quickly generate a 360 view. Because Beamo works by stitching captured photos to build a 360 view, it was able to quickly capture even large facility sites. The next step was to integrate the built digital twin into's platform. Beamo's 3D Viewer was embedded into's existing platform so that's users can check real-time data with spatial information in a single platform.

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Enhanced Operational Efficiency through Integration of Real-Time Data and Spatial Information

With 3D spatial information,'s customers are able to quickly locate and respond to sensor alarms. Workers in the field and managers in the office share the same spatial information, allowing managers to order tasks remotely without having to visit the site. Thanks to spatial information, workers and managers have fewer communication issues and less downtime when dealing with alarmed sensors.

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