Digital Platform Government Budget for 2024 Confirmed at 9.389 Trillion Won... Establishing a Hyperconnected Digital Twin

2024 Digital Platform Government budget confirmed at 9.389 trillion won, focusing on building a hyperconnected digital twin. Explore the government's comprehensive plans, utilizing large-scale AI and cloud computing, to provide tangible benefits to the public.

The Digital Platform Government Commission has approved a substantial budget of 9.386 trillion won for the Digital Platform Government (DPG) in 2024, marking a significant 123% increase from the previous year. The Commission plans to address societal issues through large-scale private AI and aims to build a hyperconnected digital twin for improved monitoring and management. Beamo, a digital twin platform capturing fields in 360 degrees, stands out as a cost-effective solution, enabling collaboration in a virtual space with features like document tagging, virtual tours, and workspace comparisons.


Budget Surge for 2024: DPG's Ambitious Financial Boost

The Digital Platform Government Commission has announced that the total budget for the Digital Platform Government (DPG) in 2024 has been finalized at 9.386 trillion won. This represents a substantial increase of 123% (5.179 trillion won) compared to the 4.207 trillion won budget in 2023. The Commission has outlined four key areas for strategic investment to ensure that the public can perceive the outcomes of these efforts. These areas include creating a unified government, building a smart and personalized government, fostering a growth platform through collaboration between the public and private sectors, and realizing a DPG that is trustworthy and secure.

Specifically, a budget of 1.944 trillion won has been allocated to the "Unified Government" category, focusing on the transition to a government system based on cloud-native architecture, supporting the development of ultra-large AI-based services, promoting innovative services within the Digital Platform Government, and implementing an integrated platform. The "Smart and Personalized Government" budget is set at 882 billion won, intended for the establishment of integrated service portals for administrative services and the construction of personal data in the public sector. The largest budget allocation is for the "Public-Private Growth Platform," with 5.461 trillion won designated for initiatives such as nurturing cloud computing businesses, expanding and opening up public data, and enhancing the competitiveness of the digital twin.

The Commission plans to address pressing societal issues related to transportation, safety, and disasters by introducing and utilizing large-scale private AI. It also aims to build a hyperconnected digital twin to enhance monitoring and management, integrating physical entities and processes into the digital realm.


Global Impact of Digital Twin Technology

Digital twin technologies have been developed by global companies by utilizing virtual simulations to reduce the time and cost of experimenting with new products, but they are also being used to collect data, analyze data, improve maintenance and service performance through sensors and IoT devices. These digital twin technologies have the economic benefit of being able to monitor and simulate data in a virtual space, saving time and money. In addition, it is possible to prevent accidents that may occur in the real world, enabling risk management and safety management, and has the scalability to be applied to all industries that require decision-making. Digital twin technology also contributes to eco-friendly development, with global consulting firm "Accenture" predicting that real carbon emissions will decrease by 750 million tons by 2030 when digital twin services spread in the future.


Beamo: Revolutionizing Collaboration with 360-Degree Digital Twin Technology

The digital twin platform "Beamo" by 3i captures the field in 360 degrees, allowing collaboration in a virtual space. With simple equipment like a 360 camera, smartphone, and tripod, users can easily and quickly capture the field and build a 3D model. Beamo is a cost-effective solution that can be operated without expensive equipment or specialized expertise. It includes features such as tagging documents and videos within the digital twin, sharing work situations, making important notes, virtual tours through workspace views, and comparing changes over time. These features enhance communication and collaboration, making it a valuable business tool.

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