Digital Transformation in Major Corporations and Digital Twin Technology

Beamo offers fast processing and large-scale space scanning, serving as a tool for major corporations to enhance their digital innovation and competitiveness.

South Korean major corporations are accelerating their efforts to strengthen their digital competitiveness and secure future sustainability through digital transformation. Companies like Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, SK, Hyundai, and Kia showcased the latest technologies at CES 2024 in Las Vegas in January, emphasizing their commitment to digital innovation. Many domestic enterprises have already improved their business strategies and internal processes based on technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and digital twins, actively integrating digital technology as a means for sustainable management.


Benefits of Utilizing Digital Technology

Digital transformation leveraging technologies like AI, big data, IoT, and digital twins offers various benefits including enhanced operational efficiency, increased productivity, cost reduction, and improved organizational agility. Additionally, as companies address challenges such as declining workforce due to aging populations, safety risks, and environmental pollution from industrial activities, the adoption of digital technology emerges as a solution for sustainable future operations.


Beamo: Enterprise Digital Twin Solution for Major Corporations

아이패드 아이폰 목업(2)@2x

Beamo is a digital twin solution that virtually replicates real industrial environments, enabling remote monitoring and integrated management. Equipped with AI technology, Beamo tracks and records location information simply by walking through the site and taking photos, significantly reducing post-processing time by 90%. It swiftly constructs 3D virtual spaces within 5-10 minutes of capturing(400 photos), including stitching 360-degree photos for rapid creation of large-scale spaces.

Beamo Easy Capture@2x-100-1

Beamo provides a solution for indoor mapping with only a 360-degree camera, smartphone, and tripod, making it accessible even to non-experts after simple training. Its AI capabilities enable mapping in GPS-denied environments, making it applicable across various industrial sites from factories to data centers. Leveraging the built digital twin, companies enhance remote collaboration, communication, and documentation, facilitating tasks such as data sharing, employee training, project management, and real-time data monitoring.


Key Features of Beamo Solution

  • Rapid 3D virtual space creation: Only 5-10 minutes required for processing approximately 400 images.
  • Simple partial updates: Easily update partial sections of previously captured surveys without re-shooting the entire space.
  • Large-scale space scanning: No size limits for capture, enabling the construction of digital twins for large spaces using up to 5,000 scan points.
  • Built-in features for remote collaboration: Beamo Portal lets you manage multiple sites and teams in one space, with features like tags, comments, measurements, and time comparisons for better documentation and communication.
  • Diverse capture methods: Beyond foot capture using tripods and helmets, Beamo offers various capture methods including attaching a 360-degree camera to robots for remote inspections or vehicles and drones for outdoor captures.


Beamo, with its fast capture and post-processing speed, large-scale space scanning, and diverse capture methods, offers a differentiated digital twin solution for efficiently digitizing large quantities of assets and major assets, making it ideal for major corporations seeking to enhance their competitiveness. By utilizing Beamo to remotely monitor distant assets and manage diverse information within a single platform, businesses can operate more efficiently and strengthen their competitive edge.

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