Digital Transformation in South Korean Cities

Cities in South Korea are planning innovative projects that utilize digital technologies to promote local development and safety. Digital twin Beamo solutions are fueling digital transformation in a variety of industries.

Several cities in South Korea are planning innovative projects that utilize digital technologies to promote local development and safety. Chungnam-do, Gwangmyeong-si, Changwon-si, and Sacheon-si are planning to create business models that can lead the future of the region to solve various urban problems and become a base for the country's future power industries.



Chungnam-do creates digital tidal flat map utilizing drones and AI

Chungnam-do was selected for the '2024 Excellent Local Government Spatial Information Project' hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, and secured 58 million won in government funding for the 'Digital Tidal Flat Information Construction and Utilization Project Using Drone Artificial Intelligence'. Chungnam-do plans to build data using drones and AI, the core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution, and simulate them by utilizing and linking digital twin platforms to be used in various marine fields such as tidal flat safety, fishing ground boundary management, and marine spatial information construction and support.

Gwangmyeong City strengthens city safety management based on digital twins

Gwangmyeong City, Gyeonggi Province, plans to build 2D and 3D data on the digital twin platform, such as self-communication network pipelines and manhole location data, which were previously managed in the form of files such as Excel. Gwangmyeong City is expecting the effect of preventing safety accidents through facility maintenance using a digital twin-based self-communication network safety management system. In addition, Gwangmyeong City announced that it plans to promote a digital twin-based urban safety management system for underground facilities such as sewerage, heat pipes and road facilities such as bridges and overpasses in stages by 2030.

Changwon City starts digital transformation of national industrial complexes

Changwon City, Gyeongnam Province, was selected as the finalist for the Ministry of Science and ICT's 'Global Manufacturing Convergence Software Development and Demonstration Project'. Through the demonstration project, Changwon City plans to virtualize facilities and products in manufacturing companies in the Changwon National Industrial Complex with a digital twin, an advanced IT new technology, to implement the best manpower and facility deployment, and also plans to diagnose errors that occur in the entire process from design to final production in advance.

Sacheon City launches a project to build a three-dimensional digital twin

Sacheon City, Gyeongnam Province, has launched a project to build a smart administration based on digital twins to strengthen urban competitiveness. Sacheon City plans to implement real-world spaces and objects in 3D in a virtual space and build a platform to analyze and test various urban problems in a virtual space.


Beamo, the enterprise-grade digital twin

Beamo is a 360-degree photo-based digital twin solution that helps users quickly and easily create 360 views of your site. With the simple components of a 360-degree camera, smartphone, and tripod, Beamo provides an easy-to-operate capture method that can be used by non-experts with as little as 10 minutes of training. Beamo also offers capture speeds that are about five times faster than other solutions, taking about two seconds per shot. This can be a huge advantage for industrial sites that want to make quick decisions based on spatial information. 

Beamo not only offers fast capture speeds, but also fast processing speeds. Beamo stitches 200 images into a 360 view in just 5-10 minutes. One of Beamo's customers in the construction industry captures about 950,000 square meters every morning, builds it into a digital twin, and shares it with headquarters in the afternoon to inform decision-making.

Another advantage of Beamo is IoT data integration. Compared to other solutions, Beamo offers easy IoT integration, which allows customers to remotely view and manage real-time data without having to visit physical sites or facilities. In addition, the Tag feature within the Beamo platform allows users to attach the necessary files (photos, videos, documents, etc.) to the desired location and share them with various stakeholders.

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Many cities in Korea are actively adopting digital technologies to enhance regional development and competitiveness. Urban safety management and digital transformation of manufacturing industries using digital twin technology are emerging as important elements of future intelligent cities, which will help create a safer and smarter urban environment. Beamo is a solution that quickly and accurately collects on-site information and builds it into a digital twin, which is expected to promote innovation and increase efficiency in industrial sites.

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