Beamo - Shedding a light on the Digital Twin Conundrum

Beamo and other industry leaders tackle “The Digital Twin Conundrum: Breaking down the Data and Communication Siloes” at Future Digital Twin 2022.

Beamo is participating as a panelist in "The Digital Twin Conundrum: Breaking down the Data and Communication Siloes" at the upcoming Future Digital Twin virtual conference this March 29th to 30th. 

The problem with siloes

The pandemic has emphasized that companies, big or small, can overcome travel limitations with proper and effective communication and continuous collaboration. In the oil and gas industry though, this becomes a bit more challenging as it involves different stakeholders and multiple critical assets and facilities located in various places, onshore or offshore. Information and communication are siloed, hampering down productivity and performance and preventing organizations from truly reaching their true potential. 

With broken information lines between different teams, departments, and functions, companies stand to drive costs up by as much as 80%. Not only that, siloes result in duplication of efforts resulting in wasted time and resources, costly inefficiencies, and worst of all, harm to a company’s reputation to manage their internal processes and documentation.  

Collaborate without barriers

That’s why this year, Future Digital Twin is drilling down on these costly issues that have been plaguing the industry for the longest time and how exactly a digital twin can be incorporated to solve these problems. Happening virtually from March 29th to 30th, the Future Digital Twin conference will explore best practices for digital twins throughout the product lifecycle. 

Join Naresh Parshotam, head of the Digital Twin Team at 3i Inc, and other industry leaders in the oil and gas industry and technology industry as they tackle “The Digital Twin Conundrum: Breaking down the Data and Communication Siloes”.  Learn how Beamo can:

  • Break communication silos between onsite and offsite teams and encourage collaboration by centralizing information in a 3D immersive environment
  • Contextualize data, information, and tribal knowledge into different layers for improved documentation and streamlined communication
  • Build a digital twin in minutes, no expertise required

Steffan Sorenes, Leading Advisor, Plant IT Architecture & Integration, Equinor
Dr.Edmary Altamiranda, Control Systems Lead R & D, Concept Development & Technology, AkerBP
David Faichnie, International Manager, Digital, Controls & Automation, TechnipFMC
Antoine Gronier, Senior Marketing Manager, Digital Twin Team's Korean Division Lead, Beamo (3i Inc)

Miriam Archer, Solutions Delivery Manager & UK Energy Transition Lead, Schlumberger

The Digital Twin Conundrum: Breaking down the Data and Communication Siloes.
Wednesday 30th March 2022 - 9.00 (GMT)

Take a virtual tour at Beamo's Booth

Screen Shot 2022-03-17 at 8.45.19 AM

Don’t forget to drop by Beamo's virtual booth which mimics our interactive and immersive 3D Workspace. The 3D Workspace uses the digital twin as a canvas for documentation and collaboration. It provides a 360° immersive walkthrough of your sites and is packed with collaborative features to take your inspection and documentation processes to the next level.

And like Beamo’s Tags where you can highlight the things that matter in your digital twin, our virtual booth is loaded with content like our product videos and brochures. Drop us a message through the live chat and get a live demo of our Digital Twin solution. Let’s virtually teleport to mission-critical facilities together.

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