Beamo at Future Digital Twin Conference 2022

Beamo is joining as a major sponsor for the upcoming Future Digital Twin conference that will take place online, from March 29th to 30th.

Beamo is announced as a major sponsor of the upcoming Future Digital Twin conference that will take place online, from March 29th to 30th. Meet us directly in our virtual booth to discover how Beamo can help power the energy industry convergence.

The Future Digital Twin conference is tackling the steps needed to be taken to incorporate a digital twin and setting best practices throughout the product lifecycle. The event will examine how to create a digital twin identity, explore innovation, and implement a collaborative and productive working culture.

This event is a key rendez-vous point of 2022 for all operators, oil service companies, energy institutes and associations, drilling companies, exploration and production companies, integration solution providers, academics, and technology innovators at CTO, CIO, CSO, CEO, CDO, VP, senior director, and chief engineer level.

We invite all attendees to register for Panel 7, the first panel of the agenda on March 30th, tackling “The Digital Twin Conundrum: Breaking down the Data and Communication Siloes”.  Naresh Parshotam, head of the Digital Twin Team at 3i Inc., will explain how Beamo can:

  • Break communication silos between onsite and offsite teams
  • Contextualize data, information, and tribal knowledge into different layers for improved documentation
  • Create an intuitive environment for consuming training content

For Beamo, it is a great opportunity to showcase its benefits for the oil & gas and utility industries. Indeed, as keystone projects are being set into motion to reach new power supply chain standards, energy industry leaders are seeking scalable 360° visual twins solutions.

The Digital Twin Conundrum: Breaking down the Data and Communication Siloes.
Wednesday 30th March 2022 - 9.00 (GMT)


Navigate remote sites, as if you were there

With sites scattered across the globe, often situated in remote places, it has become increasingly challenging to provide the right degree of visibility to the multiple stakeholders involved.
+ Beamo lets you create an immersive 3D view of your facilities and interact with it in one integrated platform. Reduce your visits onsite.
+ Collaborate and communicate closely with energy and utility services and third-party contractors, share detailed information, plan together, and standardize operations.
+ Manage risks, control costs, and optimize the performance of employees.

Develop a high-performing culture through training

With 50% or skilled workforce in the energy and utility industry about to retire, employee onboarding, training and retention is the number one concern of project managers.
+ Beamo is so easy to use that anybody of whatever level of education and skill can pick it up and start capturing.
+ Beamo provides new recruits an immersive remote training experience to improve workers’ safety and speed up self-onboarding processes.
+ Easily record and share hard and soft knowledge and daily know-hows in one accessible and intuitive database.

About Future Digital Twin |

Future Digital Twin is a conference held by the Cavendish Group. Cavendish Group is a European business publisher and conference organiser of the Future Conferences, with a focus on delivering business information to a global audience and on the emerging BRIC markets. The Future Conferences portfolio of B2B events provides senior executives from oil and gas, energy, utilities, mining and shipping sectors opportunities to explore disruptive innovation, digital transformation and new technologies that are shaping the world around us.

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