Futuristic marketing with Beamo’s Digital Twin Technology

Digital Twin is revolutionizing marketing to engage with clients globally. Beamo offers various benefits to showcase spaces to clients around the world.

Digital twin technology has been making waves in various industries, and its applications for marketing are no exception. As businesses strive to connect with clients globally and simplify their marketing efforts, the implementation of digital twin technology offers a myriad of benefits. The future of marketing is here!



What is Digital Twin

Beamo’s digital twin technology lets you create 3D views. By capturing sites with a 360 degree camera and a smartphone mounted on a tripod. It offers enterprise level security and collaboration features. Which not only make it useful in construction and other industries, but also in facility management, smart factories and various other sites, including commercial assets and more.

Since, a digital twin is a digitized version of a physical entity, product or system, and is used for purposes such as maintenance, monitoring, testing and simulation. Its representation and implementation is determined by its value-based usage for which it is created.

The digital twin can exist before the entity or for an existing entity. 

Beamo’s technology can be used in real time facility management, inspection, maintenance, training, documentation and project management. Its unique indoor positioning technology enables mapping in GPS-less indoor environments, which inturn helps in facilitating site monitoring and construction period reduction.

What makes Beamo stand out is its easy-to-use operation, low costs and seamless implementation in both small as well as large sites.

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How to use Digital twin as a marketing Tool

In the fast-paced world of marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Leveraging cutting-edge digital twin technology can give businesses a competitive edge and innovative ways to engage with potential clients. Digital twin technology has typically been associated with the industrial sector, but its applications in marketing are vast and promising. Beyond its conventional use, digital twin technology can be seamlessly integrated into multiple departments within an organization, offering multiple benefits.

Incorporating Beamo’s digital twin technology into your marketing strategies gives you the ability to seamlessly showcase spaces to clients, no matter where they are located. Whether it's a real estate property, event venue or retail space. The quick dissemination of digital twins to clients around the world streamlines the viewing process. Clients can effortlessly explore the space remotely, gaining a comprehensive understanding without the need for physical visits.

Beamo’s fast and easy technology can capture an area of 10,000 square meters in approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. While processing 200 photos in about 5 minutes, which enables the rapid creation of digital twins for large sites seamlessly.

A detailed look

Additionally with Beamo, you have the flexibility to create and show an intended, guided view of your space that the viewer can follow, reducing complexity when operated by your client. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for all.

The 360 photos allow you to capture images without any restriction of the area size and the AI provides automated picture positioning for precise and superior indoor mapping. The digital twins generated through Beamo can be used for completion records, process management and remote site inspections. Along with maintaining productivity and improving quality.

Digital twins are ideal to reduce the need for visiting buildings and infrastructures for visual inspection. Thereby making it easier and time efficient to send to potential clients.

The educational aspect of digital twin technology in marketing cannot be overstated. Providing clients with an interactive and detailed digital replica of a space offers an invaluable learning experience. It enables clients to gain insights into various features and possibilities. Empowering them to envision how they can utilize the space for their future endeavors. One of the inherent challenges in digitalising vast spaces has been overcome by Beamo. It allows for the digitalization of extreme, large and complex areas with precision. It also enables you to obtain detailed views of objects and accurately measure spaces and angular objects. Furthermore, the technology enables the seamless capture of various versions of your space. Which can be tailored to the specific needs of different users or potential clients. These captured versions can be stored as records, ready to be utilized for a wide range of marketing needs in the future.

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Advantages of implementation

With the implementation of a Digital Twin for projects and sites having numerous stakeholders and clients, it becomes easier to make decisions based on the spatial information. Without physically visiting the site which leads to reduced costs and better time management.

Multiple features like tag and comment within the digital twin allow for attachment of notes and documents. So there isn't a need for separate reports. This facilitates creating more contextual and immersive records for clients.

The integration of digital twin technology into marketing initiatives not only enhances the client experience. But also optimizes the entire marketing process. Businesses can effectively reach and engage clients worldwide. While the clients benefit from the convenience, time saving and immersive understanding provided by digital twins. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, leveraging digital twin technology for marketing purposes is undeniably a game-changer.

More benefits

Utilizing Beamo’s portal can optimize schedules, improve safety, reduce costs and increase work efficiency.  Additionally, if the site undergoes changes, you can simply edit it on the already existing capture, eliminating the need to re-capture the whole area. The technology stitches the newly updated image. Moreover, digital twins significantly reduce the back-and-forth typically involved in examining a space. Through immersive digital representations, clients can efficiently assess the potential of a space for their specific needs. Which leads to quicker decision-making and a more efficient use of everyone's time. At the core of this revolutionary technology is Beamo's unparalleled speed and ease of use. Unlike other variants, it ensures a flawless processing of your spaces’ digital twin. Thereby eliminating the need for tedious recapturing and saving valuable time and effort.

Another benefit is that our technology - once implemented, can be used in marketing, as well as other business divisions with multiple uses and benefits for teams like inspection, training and more. Its applications extend to revolutionizing processes across departments, enhancing collaboration and in delivering unprecedented insights that fuel growth and innovation.

The potential of digital twin technology is limitless. Whether it’s creating immersive marketing presentations, showcasing complex spaces or facilitating interactive educational experiences. Technology opens up a world of possibilities.

By utilizing the digital twin technology, businesses can redefine their marketing strategies, drive engagement and set new standards of excellence in their industry.


Beamo aims to revolutionize marketing efforts and propel businesses toward greater success in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Unlock new possibilities with our easy and fast Digital Twin Technology - connecting people and places.

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