Game Changer in Industrial Sites: Innovation in Digital Twin Solutions

Beamo is a solution that utilizes 360-degree cameras to quickly capture on-site images and build digital twins with fast processing. It revolutionizes digital twin building on industrial sites with its easy capture and fast processing speeds.

Digital twins, virtual models of physical objects or spaces digitally modeled, integrated with various sensors, are utilized for monitoring, analysis, and operational optimization across industries such as manufacturing, construction, facility management, and oil & gas. With Beamo, a digital twin solution, remote monitoring, even in distant or inaccessible locations, becomes feasible, enabling efficient decision-making without direct on-site visits.


Easy & Fast Capture

Beamo is a 360-degree photo-based digital twin solution that allows you to quickly create a 360-degree view of your site. It is easy for non-technical users to operate as it only requires a 360-degree camera, smartphone, and tripod to capture data for a digital twin, and its cost-effective equipment makes it accessible to small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises. In addition, Beamo can check the capture path through the app at the same time as capture, which can prevent duplication of capture paths and, as a result, reduce capture time. 

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Fast Processing

A common need among Beamo's customers was to reduce the amount of time spent on-site capturing images to build digital twins.  Beamo offers a scan rate of 4,000 square meters per hour, which is about five times faster capture speed than other solutions. In addition, Beamo can process 200 images in just 5-10 minutes to automatically build a 360 view on the fly, making it a particularly easy solution for customers such as construction contractors who want to monitor daily changing site conditions. In fact, Beamo's customers in the construction space are shooting construction sites every morning to create a digital twin, which they then use in afternoon meetings to make efficient decisions.

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360-Photo Based Digital Twin

Another unique feature of Beamo is that it builds digital twins by taking photos and stitching them together, rather than taking video with a 360-degree camera. Because the 360-degree camera is mounted on a tripod or helmet and captured with photos as you move around the site, it offers additional advantages over other solutions.

  • Light data capacity: It offers a lightweight software experience because it takes, stores, and uploads photos, which are low-capacity compared to videos. While video data capacity for 2,000 sqm is 10-20 GB, Beamo has a very small data capacity of about 1.6 GB.
  • Unlimited coverage: Because it builds digital twins from photo captures rather than videos, it can cover large areas. In the case of Beamo, up to 5,000 scan points can be captured, making it possible to build a digital twin with a very large spatial scale.
  • Modular edit: If there are changes to a specific part of the site after the digital twin is built, you can edit the existing digital twin by shooting only the updated part of the survey with the 360 camera.


Beamo is a solution for capturing images of the field with 360-degree cameras and turning them into digital twins. Get a game changer in the industrial field with easy capture, fast capture and processing speeds, and the ability to stitch photos together to build a 360 view that sets it apart from other solutions.

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