How Digital Twins Help You Record The Construction Sites

Beamo is a digital twin solution that makes it easy to capture and record construction sites. Low-capacity data based on photography allows you to store and manage data easily.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said it will manage the entire process of construction projects by recording videos of construction sites, a first in South Korea. This is to leave a record of whether it is being constructed according to the floor plan and to ensure that the work order and safety regulations are properly followed to check in the event of a problem in the future.

However, some have raised problems with video recording. Video recording and managing the entire construction process can cause some operational problems. First of all, video recording may be difficult to store and manage for sites with large areas and long construction periods. In addition, if there is a lot of video data, it is difficult to find the data you want to find in the event of future construction problems. There is also a problem that some parts may be missing during capturing and if the video is taken too fast or the camera shakes too much, it may affect clarity or resolution. In the case of CCTV, there is also a disadvantage that blind spots can occur.

Given that it is not easy to record, store, and manage the entire construction process as a video, using digital twin solutions that can compensate for these shortcomings along with video recording can be one way.

Beamo is a 360˚ photo-based digital twin solution and you can create a 360 view by walking around the construction site and capturing. Capture points are displayed on the Beamo App at the same time as shooting, overlapping capture paths can be prevented, you can collect data across the entire site in a time-efficient manner.

In addition, the digital twin solution Beamo has the following benefits.

  • Photo-based street view with low data capacity and ease of documentation and management.
  • Data can be accumulated and managed by date within the Beamo Portal and analyzed accordingly.
  • Easily find a file for the date you want to check, and click on the points in the floor plan to quickly move to the location.
  • Check details of the construction site with a walk-through view, zoom-in, and zoom-out functions.

Most importantly, Beamo can capture and store all spatial information at 360 degrees without missing it.


건설현장 360뷰


Application for the construction sites

1️⃣ Deploy Beamo solution to your site

Beamo provides simple equipment for creating digital twins. All you need are a 360 camera, the Beamo Starter Kit, the Beamo App on iPhone. Beamo is a reasonable and affordable solution with an easy capture process so that beginners can use it easily.

2️⃣ Capture your site only once a day

You can get a record of the entire site in a single capture. For example, you can capture the entire construction site every morning and upload it to the Beamo Portal to see the digital twin created in just a few minutes. This enables safer and more efficient construction projects to be managed based on data that is instantly generated and shared.

Video recording of the construction process is a very effective way for managing construction and preventing poor construction. However, if you use Beamo to capture all spatial information of the construction site easily and quickly, you can record it more efficiently.



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