How to Make Digital Twin in Minutes: 3 Simple Steps of Using Beamo

Beamo offers a simple 3-step process for your digital twin transformation, reducing operational costs and time. It's compact, easy & fast!

Creating a digital twin has never been easier with Beamo's innovative technology. With just 3 simple steps, you can capture and utilize a detailed digital representation of your environment. Bringing numerous benefits to various industries. The implementation of Beamo has been designed to be easy and fast. Making it a tool that anyone can easily use and employ in their businesses. It's uses range from making your IoT visible to business processes like event planning and real estate marketing additionally. Bring digital transformation to your facilities in the most convenient manner with Beamo.

Step 1

Inspections are known to be labor-intensive processes, Beamo makes site survey & inspection 30% faster, as it streamlines inspections in one flow. We provide light equipment and a simple process to smoothly organize the 360-degree photo inspection. The IoT integration within 360° view allows you to monitor data in a more immersive way. And the spatially contextualized information empowers you to make faster and smarter decisions.

Moreover, Beamo's technology reduces onsite travels by 50% as you access your information via the digital twin you create. The digital transformation of your entity, allows you to survey the site at ease and convenience. Use resources that are already available onsite to capture the entirety in one 360 degree swipe. Beamo also shortens reporting time by 90%. Since reporting can take weeks or months, Beamo provides a report in 5 minutes. It compiles your content and provides an immersive 360-degree report, that is altogether ready to share.

Our solution reduces team operational costs by 30% and helps you curate tribal knowledge. It also reduces information loss as it simplifies information transfer. It makes sure that remote teams access the same information at all times and understand it. With the implementation of Beamo's digital twin transformation, you can also prevent information and data silos. And, it also helps you collaborate between distant teams as if you were in the same room, bridging the communication gap.

In this quick read, let's look at the 3 simple steps of creating a Digital Twin with Beamo -

Step 1 - Compact Device

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One of the key advantages of our product is its simplicity and efficiency. All you need is a 360 camera, a smartphone and a tripod, to begin the process of creating a digital twin. Our device is compact and user-friendly. Making it accessible to anyone with the desire to capture their space in high detail. Non-experts can use it and one survey can be used for all departments with tailored content. With this easy implementation, operational costs are reduced, including travel fee, labor and reporting cost. Beamo's compact device is easy to deploy, transport and setup. It also supports indoor and outdoor mapping.

Step 2 - Easy Capture

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The advanced AI technology incorporated into our product particularly ensures superior indoor mapping capabilities. As you walk through the space, the AI system meanwhile automatically positions the pictures. Resulting in precise mapping with a floor plan. This automated process eliminates the need for extensive manual input, making the digital twin creation process both quick and accurate.

Beamo solves problems like covering areas that are hard to access. And simultaneously makes it easier to document conditions that are hard to report and share. Capture sites on foot, on wheels, via a robot or a drone. The intuitive and modular capturing method is made for any kind of an environment.

Step 3 - Fast Processing

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Furthermore, Beamo boasts fast processing, eliminating the need for time-consuming post-editing in your digital twin transformation. In just minutes, you can capture your space and have an editable, modular digital twin ready for immediate use. The flexibility of it allows for instant sharing and collaboration. Serving not only as a documentation tool, but also as a valuable resource for various purposes. The capabilities of Beamo extend beyond mere creation and visualization. It serves as a valuable and futuristic tool, besides allowing users to gain invaluable insights into their spaces. Beamo also automatically compiles your content what you capture onsite. Each content is stitched to its location and can be accessed anywhere, anytime and can also be updated with minimum effort.

In Conclusion

With the Beamo Portal and Beamo App, its easy working on complex projects where time is of essence. Our artificial intelligence processes images you capture to create digital twins in minutes, not hours or days. Beamo lets you browse your digital twins instantly from any device, anywhere. Even remotely navigate any space on the go, using your smartphone.

It's hard to make information widely available and it can be especially challenging to keep information accessible and organized across different departments as real-time data is hard to visualize in 2D and it's also not easy to understand information without context. Beamo simplifies the information transfer, making sure that remote teams access the same information at all times and understand it. The visual interface makes data understandable and you can attach each content to its spatial context.

Furthermore, we offer a seamless and efficient solution for creating enterprise-grade digital twin transformation, that provides a multitude of benefits for mission critical facilities across different industries. Its ease of use, fast processing and superior mapping make it an invaluable asset for anyone looking to harness the power of digital twins. Significantly organize all your assets in the palm of your hand, augment and collaborate with your team. Beamo bridges the lack of interactive tools to collaborate remotely and makes it easy to learn all the tools that have a high learning curve, as you can work live on the same projects and tasks, give the right information to the right person and create your own corporate social network.

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If you are interested in learning more about Beamo and its capabilities, reach out to us here. Explore the quick and easy way to develop Digital Twins.

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