Power up with Beamo at the Industrial Digital Twin Summit

Beamo is joining the upcoming Industrial Digital Twin Summit, a hybrid event that will take place in Houston, TX and online, from August 29th to 31st.

Beamo is joining the upcoming Industrial Digital Twin Summit, a hybrid event that will take place in Houston, TX and online, from August 29th to 31st.

Get ready because Beamo Digital Twins is bringing the POW! In POWER this August. Beamo will be joining the Industrial Digital Twin Summit, a co-located hybrid event under Industrial Immersive Week, from August 29th to 31st in Houston, TX.

The Industrial Immersive Week, together with other co-located events such as Industrial XR Forum Global Summit and Energy EdgeTECH Summit, is uniting the many players of the industrial and energy digital reality ecosystem in one space, including:

  • AR/VR/XR / Digital Reality / Spatial Computing
  • Digital Twins / Immersive Visualization / Digital Asset Intelligence
  • Edge / Fog / Cloud Computing
  • IIoT / Connectivity / 5G
  • Reality Capture / 3D / 360
  • Blockchain / Cybersecurity

The Industrial Digital Twin Summit, on the other hand, is a more specialized event, bringing together energy and innovation industry leaders, DT experts for oil & gas, power/utilities and petrochemical asset owners/operations, service companies, engineering & tech solution providers. 

Beamo is an enterprise-grade Digital Twin solution for mission-critical facilities and remote sites. It costs a lot to move people around, especially now. But when it comes to visiting physical spaces, like oil rigs, refineries, or power plants, there is no effective alternative - you either go there or not. Beamo makes it natural for you to capture your most critical assets in 3D, augment them with tribal knowledge, and collaborate from anywhere.

But you’ve got to see it to believe it, so drop by Booth 301. We’ll show you how you can use Beamo Digital Twins for remote inspections, performance monitoring, training, documentation, and more!

Digital Twins are useless for remote inspections. Or are they?
By Naresh Parshotam, Head of Beamo, 3i Inc
August 30, 9:30 AM (CDT) | Royal Sonesta Houston Galleria, Ballroom Discovery A

Digital Twins are commonly used for remote performance monitoring and simulation of equipment performance. Can digital twins also be leveraged for remote inspections? Are there other use cases that are applicable to digital twins? Find out more about using digital twins for remote inspections and more in your mission-critical sites.

  • Physically inspecting facilities in the O&G and power sector is always a challenge because of inaccessibility, high travel costs, unreliable connectivity, high specialization and risk of hazards, tedious reporting, and poor or missing documentation.
  • Digital Twins offer companies a centralized spatial platform for documentation, collaboration, and training and allow remote system health monitoring and optimization of assets.
  • Leveraging Digital Twins for remote inspections and performance monitoring is a viable solution for cost reduction.

Navigate remote sites, as if you were there

With sites scattered across the globe, often situated in remote places, it has become increasingly challenging to provide the right degree of visibility to the multiple stakeholders involved.
+ Beamo lets you create an immersive 3D view of your facilities and interact with it in one integrated platform. Reduce your visits onsite.
+ Collaborate and communicate closely with energy and utility services and third-party contractors, share detailed information, plan together, and standardize operations.
+ Manage risks, control costs, and optimize the performance of employees.

Manage critical assets with a centralized visual portal

Operations experts, safety executives, maintenance and reliability directors, and managers lack a tool to easily power their digital transformation. Without it, you miss out on opportunities for operational excellence and improvements in asset management.
+ Beamo provides real-time insight into operations by aggregating sensor data and integrating with your monitoring tools.
+ Beamo lets you tap into a large amount of unstructured and structured data and keep it visually organized in space.
+ Keep equipment in top shape and insure regulatory compliance, unify maintenance, inspection, and documentation processes into one centralized platform.

About Industrial Digital Twin Summit |

The Industrial Digital Twin Summit is powered by Innovate Energy. InnovateEnergy has a global audience of over 20,000 energy executives and digital innovation leaders, each involved with digitization efforts and technology integration from multiple industrial-focused enterprises, including Oil & Gas, Power/Utilities, Maritime, Wind/Solar, Chemical, Refining, Petrochemical, Energy Construction & Engineering and more.

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