New Updates and enhancements on Beamo Portal

Introducing a list of the top new features and updates added to Beamo in February 2024.

Beamo offers some updates and enhancements for security, collaboration, and 3D navigation improvement for large-scale sites. Here are the new features and updates in detail.


What's new?

  • Partial Share
    : Users can share one or certain parts of Points and Tags by mouse drag to give limited access to someone outside, minimizing data exposure.

    대지 1@2x-100-2
  • Timeline Report
    : To check chronological progress of different dates, users can search and generate a Timeline Report of a specific Point view. This feature allows companies to manage construction projects or inspection tasks more efficiently.

    Timeline Report@2x-100
  • Watermark
    This feature is for safety enhancement and admin can choose how to show a watermark among five selections. When Watermark is enabled, logged in user’s info is shown on the entire 3D Workspace.

  • URL & 2D Image Copy
    : Users can copy a still shot image or get access URL of the current Point. This function supports effortless sharing of 3D tours.

  • Display Point Captured date and time
    : Captured date and time are shown on top-right of 3D Viewer.

    date and time(2)@2x-100


What's Better💪

  • 3D Workspace performance improvement
    : Performance has been improved by upgrading the engine version of 3D Workspace. It is especially effective for large-scale sites.

  • Time Comparison (Quad View)
    : In addition to the existing 1X2 comparison layout, users can now choose a 2X2 comparison layout, which allows users to compare surveys divided into four sections on a single screen at a glance.

    대지 3@2x-100-1
  • Comment improvement
    : It includes functions to facilitate smoother task management and team communication such as categorizing using Hashtag, expanding the range of Mention, up to 5 media files attachment, etc.

Explore these new features in detail

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