Reasonable and Efficient Digital Twins for Construction Sites

Introducing Beamo's advantages as a digital twin for construction sites. Beamo provides easy capture and fast data processing with a compact device.

Reasonable and Efficient Digital Twin Solution for Construction Sites!

There are increasing cases of digital twins improving the traditional way of working in construction sites. From monitoring the site to decision-making, digital twins can be used to manage the overall process of the project. Digital twins using Lidar or CAD need expensive equipment for capture, take a lot of time to capture and process data, and require experts who have professional skills. Here's Beamo, another alternative which is based on photographic operation digital twins. Beamo is the reasonable and efficient digital twin solution which captures the construction site quickly and creates a 360-degree viewer for customers who want to manage construction sites and projects.

What are the advantages of Beamo?

1. Compact Device

All you need to deploy Beamo is a 360-degree camera, a surveyor for capture, the Beamo App on iPhone, and the Beamo Starter Kit to help you easily capture the site. You can capture the site without expensive and difficult devices for capturing.

2. Easy Capture

Beamo's strength is a simple operation that allows you to capture the site without professional knowledge or skills. Smooth handover of a project without special training is available, and you don't have to take photos long because you don't need lots of pictures for mapping. In addition, Beamo is operated by automatically tracking locations and saving locations when you capture, so there is little manual action required by users.

Beamo provides easy capture process with compact device

3.  Fast Processing

Beyond fast capture, Beamo boasts fast data processing speed. It takes 5 minutes to process about 200 photos. High speed will be critical in construction sites where you need to periodically update what the site looks like. Beamo is a 360-degree photo-based digital twin platform that offers light and fast solutions for consumers. 

Beamo is a digital twin with fast data processing

Beamo is an easy, fast and reasonable digital twin solution ideal for customers who need a 360 view of the construction site. Build a more immersive digital space with Beamo! 


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