Dynamic Tags, Enterprise Security, and many more!

Here is a list of the top new features added and improvements made to the Beamo solution in April 2022.


Display real-time, dynamic information with Tags

Use Tags to embed dynamic information via a link onto your 3D Workspace. Use this to display real-time sensor data or other dynamic information in your digital twin. Beamo Tag now supports the HTML elements <iframe>, <embed>, or a simple link.

Dynamic Tags

Introducing the best plan for you

Beamo offers you three plans, each optimized for your specific use cases. Each plan can be expanded by adding capture points and user packs to it. Choose which one is right for your needs.

Essential is designed for simply capturing, viewing, and archiving your digital twins. It gives you all the basic components you need to get started on your digital twin journey quickly and start realizing tangible business values.  Pro is designed for Mid-sized companies with one operational digital twin team. Each user gets assigned a role (Super Admin, Surveyor, Collaborator, Viewer) with a different set of capabilities. Enterprise is the ultimate digital twin experience. It is designed for large organizations with cross-departmental teams. Ensure that your digital twins are secured and only shared with the right people.

View Beamo Plans & Packs in detail.

Get the full Beamo welcome

Beamo gives you a fully guided tour to help you learn more about the value Beamo can bring to your business, understand how to use Beamo, and take the first steps of your digital twin journey. The guided tour is there to lower the friction in your team’s self-onboarding process. With Beamo, you can hit the ground running right from the get-go. 

Capture the great outdoors

Beamo now supports Outdoor Capture mode. Create an outdoor survey just as easily as indoors. Using a hybrid location system (GPS and VSLAM), Beamo will recognize captured locations more precisely.

Outdoor Survey Electrical

The great enterprise features roundup

  • Scalability is king - Our new infrastructure provides a scalable platform for enterprise customers that secures worldwide, geographically, stable performance.

    Major upgrades were made to the content delivery network, web application firewalls, cloud storage, and communication.

  • Intrusion detection - Beamo is continuously monitoring our cloud infrastructure, detecting external threats and intrusion attempts, and discovering system anomalies, poorly configured applications, and unauthorized user actions.

  • Encryption of data at rest and in transit

    Data at rest is encrypted using industry-standard AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt EFS data and metadata. In this new file system, data and metadata are automatically encrypted before being written. Similarly, as data and metadata are read, they are automatically decrypted before being presented to the application.

    Data in transit is encrypted using TLS. There are three main components to what the TLS protocol accomplishes:
    • Encryption: hides the data being transferred from third parties.
    • Authentication: ensures that the parties exchanging information are who they claim to be.
    • Integrity: verifies that the data has not been forged or tampered with.

  • Continuous Code Quality Inspection - Beamo continuously inspects code quality, allowing automatic reviews with static analysis of code to detect bugs, code smells, and security vulnerabilities.

Upload surveys faster

Our new system will improve the speed of uploading by up to 40%. It will consume less computing power, network bandwidth, and overall battery energy of smartphones.  

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