New Features on Beamo Enterprise Plan

Here is a list of the top new features added to the Beamo Enterprise Plan in June and August 2022.


🎨 Customize your 3D Workspace

Beamo Enterprise Plan users can now use Preferences to customize the look and feel of the 3D Workspace. Here are the specific components that can be changed from Beamo’s default styling.


Change how your Tags’ contents are displayed in the 3D Workspace by pinning it to the tag itself or to the side of your screen.


Mini-Map and Home map

Choose the point color of the Mini-Map, pin color of the Home map, and the point radar color of the Mini-Map according to your brand colors. You may also customize the styling presentation of Google Maps for the Mini-Map of outdoor plans and Home map.

360° nadir image

Customize the 360° nadir image of your 3D Workspace by changing it to your brand or any other logo.

Group 4

Loading screen

Change your 3D workspace’s loading screen.

🔒 Secure your login details with SSO

Beamo Enterprise Plan users can now log in through a single authentication source with the Single Sign On (SSO) feature. This allows organizations to better manage their accounts and users and add an extra layer of security to their information. 

Beamo uses the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 standard to provide SSO. With SAML SSO, Beamo will not store passwords for any accounts managed by SSO. Users log in to the space and authenticate using the organization's Identity Provider.

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