Beamo Team and User Management

Introducing powerful features to streamline your workflow and maximize efficiency while prioritizing data privacy.


Boost productivity with Beamo User Management!

Efficient user organization and team management are crucial for successful project collaboration. Beamo offers powerful features to streamline your workflow and maximize efficiency while prioritizing data privacy.

Let's explore the key aspects:

1. Organizing Users and Teams

Proper organization is key to project management. Beamo enables easy management and role assignment within or across organizations. 

2. Understanding Teams

Users are grouped together under a common project, function, or role to create a team. Create dedicated teams for focused collaboration on specific projects or tasks. Beamo not only cares about collaboration but also data protection. Maintain strict control over who can access and modify project data. 



3. User Roles & Permissions

Assign the right roles and permissions to control access and ensure security. Beamo utilizes a Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) system, providing a flexible and secure user management system to meet modern organizations' organic and fluid nature. 

User roles include:

👩‍💼 Super Admin: Oversee all aspects of the platform.
👨‍💼 Site Manager: Manage projects and teams at a site level.
👩‍🔧 Team Admin: Administer specific teams and their projects.
👷‍♂️ Surveyor: Conduct surveys and collect data.
👨‍🔧 Collaborator: Collaborate and contribute to projects.
👨‍🚒 Viewer: View project information and data.

Take control of your workflow with Beamo User Management!
Empower teams, assign roles efficiently, and enhance collaboration while prioritizing data privacy.

Beamo provides a flexible and secure user management solution, meeting the dynamic needs of modern organizations. Unlock the full potential of your projects with Beamo today! 

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