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Beamo will be joining the IoT Tech Expo North America in Santa Clara, CA, from May 17th to 18th. Visit Beamo at booth 242.

Beamo will be joining the IoT Tech Expo North America in Santa Clara, CA, from May 17th to 18th. Visit Beamo at booth 242 and find out how digital twins are becoming the soul of the digital enterprise.

This year’s IoT Tech Expo North America, by TechEx, is Powering the Connected World with IoT.  As an international conference and expo series, the IoT Tech Expo showcases cutting-edge tech innovation for enterprises. The expo is where innovators convene to discover real-life use cases and industry insights into the biggest tech topics such as AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Cyber Security, 5G, IoT, Edge Computing ecosystems… and Digital Twins.


Make Digital Twins by yourself

Stop by Beamo's booth (unit 242) at IOT TECH EXPO to discover just how easy it is to create a digital twin within a few minutes with Beamo. You'll also learn how Beamo can be utilized as an IOT visualization tool to enhance your operations. We hope to see you there!



IoT and Digital Twins - A sensual tango

Last but not least, don’t miss out on Beamo’s Operational IoT Track - Unlocking the True Potential of IoT and AI with Photogrammetry Digital Twins led by Sam Choi, Head of Digital Twin at Beamo - as he presents various case studies of real-life implementation of IoT combined with Digital Twins.


Unlocking the True Potential of IoT and AI with  Photogrammetry Digital Twins

Speaker: Sam Choi, Head of Beamo Business
Date: May 17th, 11:10 AM (PDT)

There has been a long debate between what is the better way to create a digital twin: photogrammetry vs lidar. You may have heard about the more obvious advantages of photogrammetry digital twins - it being both faster and cheaper to create, but there is another driver that is making this method even more advantageous. 

The growth of the IoT sensor market - the IoT sensor market has been growing fast. 
=> Photo-based digital twin can act as the platform to visualize the sensor data
The photo information that is the feed for AI machine learning 
=> Photo-based digital twin can be the foundation for AI detection market



Sam Choi

Head of Beamo Business


About  IoT Tech Expo |

The IoT Tech Expo North America 2023 will be held on May 17-18 at Santa Clara Convention Center, California. The event will focus on the latest advancements in IoT technology, including IIoT, Smart Cities & Transport, IoT Security, Data Analytics, and IoT Connectivity.

The event will cover a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, transport, supply chain, government, legal and finance sectors, energy, retail, healthcare, and more. Over 6,000 attendees are expected to join from various sectors, including CTO’s, Heads of Innovation and Technology, IT Directors, Developers, Start-Up’s, OEM’s, Government, Automotive, Operators, Technology Providers, Investors, VCs, and more.

The event will feature over 250+ speakers who will share their industry knowledge and real-life experiences through solo presentations, expert panel discussions, and in-depth fireside chats. The key topics examined will include IIoT, Digital Twins & Enterprise Transformation, IoT Security, IoT Connectivity & Connected Devices, Smart Infrastructures & Automation, Data & Analytics, and Edge Platforms.

Social media channels: 
TWITTER: @iottechexpo


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