The Essential Role of Digital Twin Technology in the Digital Transformation of Construction Engineering

Discover the essential role of digital twin technology in transforming the construction engineering industry, enhancing productivity, safety, and efficiency. Learn how solutions like Beamo facilitate site management, reduce costs, and improve collaboration.

As the South Korean government pushes for the activation of smart construction, the construction industry's digital innovation is also accelerating. To support this, the Korea Construction Engineering Association held a digital strategy sharing seminar to provide a platform for sharing digitalization strategies of leading domestic and international companies. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport has set a goal to establish a fully digital and automated system across the entire construction process by 2030, through mandatory BIM adoption, advanced production systems, and the fostering of the smart construction industry. Specifically, BIM will be gradually mandated for all public projects. This digital transformation in the construction engineering field is an unstoppable trend and a necessary condition for entering the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.



Utilizing Digital Twins for Digital Transformation

At the heart of the digital transformation and innovation in the construction engineering industry lies digital twin technology. Digital twins replicate real construction sites in the virtual world, allowing for the monitoring of actual building conditions and progress, as well as the conduction of simulations. By integrating various IoT sensor data into the digital twin, it is possible to predict and manage the state of industrial sites. Simultaneously monitoring sensor data in a 3D view enables precise management of installed equipment and machinery on site, thus enhancing site management efficiency and preventing safety accidents in advance.

Advantages of Utilizing Digital Twins in the Construction Industry

  • Enhances productivity and efficiency through periodic site monitoring
  • Strengthens collaboration and communication among internal and external stakeholders
  • Manages equipment and safety within construction sites
  • Reduces construction duration and costs



Beamo : A Digital Twin Solution for Construction Site Management

Beamo is a digital twin solution that allows for the creation of 3D views by capturing sites with a 360-degree camera and a smartphone mounted on a tripod. It offers enterprise-level security and collaboration features, making it useful not only in construction but also in facility management, smart factories, and various industrial sites. Beamo's unique indoor positioning technology enables mapping even in GPS-less indoor environments, facilitating site monitoring and construction period reduction. Its easy-to-use operation and reasonable costs allow for easy implementation in both large and small construction sites. Capturing an area of 10,000 square meters takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, and processing 200 photos takes approximately 5 minutes, enabling the rapid creation of digital twins for large construction sites.

Digital twins generated through Beamo can be used for completion records, progress management, and remote site inspections, maintaining productivity and improving quality. Many stakeholders involved in construction projects can make decisions based on the same spatial information without physically visiting the site, leading to reduced construction periods and costs. Additionally, features like tag and comment within the digital twin allow for the attachment of construction-related notes and documents, eliminating the need for separate reports. This facilitates the creation of more contextual and immersive reports for clients. Utilizing digital twins in construction sites can optimize schedules, improve safety, reduce costs, and increase work efficiency.

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Digital transformation centered on digital twin technology is becoming an essential trend in the construction engineering field. Digital twin solutions like Beamo offer advantages such as efficient site management, safety accident prevention, reduced construction periods, and cost savings. Through this, the construction industry can enhance productivity, improve quality, and strengthen collaboration and communication. The use of digital twins in construction sites will be a crucial factor in enhancing the competitiveness of the future construction industry.

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