The new generation of Digital Twin: What makes Beamo stand out?

Beamo is a fast & easy 360° photo-based digital twin, allowing you to create & edit in minutes. It's an efficient tool for remote work and data monitoring.

Make Digital Twin in Minutes, Not Hours or Days.

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Beamo is a 360° photo-based digital twin solution with easy capture and fast processing. So what makes Beamo stand out? Evidently, the fact that you can make Digital Twin in minutes, not hours or days! Beamo's Digital Twin technology is a new light in remote work, especially because it provides an alternative to visiting physical spaces. With Beamo, you can capture the site easily and the 360 view of the site is generated immediately. Beamo's machine learning algorithm displays the result consistently. No matter what device is used or whatever modifications or annotations are added to the 3D Workspace. Additionally, to improve user experience, Beamo only loads the field of view of the user, while the rest of the 3D space dynamically loads on demand.

Beamo understands how the surveyor moves through a three-dimensional space and stitches each of the 360° picture to the exact location. Whereas to enable Path Tracking, it uses V-SLAM (Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) and IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensors. It combines visual and inertial mapping, to replicate how a person uses their eyes and ears to understand and also balance movement in three dimensions.

Key Features of Beamo

Easy, Fast and Light - Firstly, we help you capture a 360° view of your facilities. And create an immersive digital twin in minutes. From capturing to the final 3D view, it only takes about 20 minutes (200 photos based). This makes us one of the fastest and easiest Digital Twin processes.

Superior Indoor Mapping - The AI provides automated picture positioning for precise mapping with a floor plan, even where GPS is not available. Therefore, the Beamo Portal helps you to explore the reality of the site in an immersive 360° view. With the custom site map you can organize, filter and bookmark your sites with just a few clicks into one customizable map.

Unlimited Coverage - The 360° photo allows you to capture images without any restriction of the area size. Beamo specifically uses a VPS (Visual Positioning System) instead of a GPS. VPS represents a more viable option to capture spaces with extreme precision.

Editable and Modular - If the site undergoes changes, you can simply edit it onto the already existing capture. Thus, eliminating the need of re-capturing the whole area, it just stitches the newly updated image. The user-friendly 3D Editor allows users to easily modify and create digital twins in minutes!

Advantages of Beamo's Digital Transformation

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There are 3 simple steps of using Beamo. All you need is a 360-camera, a smartphone and a tripod stand to start. The capturing process is absolutely easy, simply walk and capture the site. A simple training allows anyone to capture the space. And the final processing is fast, as there is no post editing needed. Because it stitches the individual captures into a 360 image in no time.

For scalability, its easy to make your IoT visible with Beamo. Since the IoT integration within the 360° view allows you to monitor data in a more immersive way. The spatially contextualized information empowers you to make faster and smarter decisions.

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Beamo also provides enterprise level security -

With the VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), no one else has the key to your data nor has access to the cloud without permission. While the SSO (Single Sign On), securely confirms the identity of the users and devices when entering into a network. It also allows User Management (RBAC + ABAC) which is a hybrid of Role-Based Access Control and Attribute-Based Access Control frameworks.

You can capture any type of space with Beamo -

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We expertise in covering vast areas, extreme, large and complicated spaces. Whether you want to capture an indoor environment, a tight space, an outdoor or street view or even a construction land survey, it's all possible!

Beamo is a fresh perceptive for modular site surveys. It lets you: Walk - with its most intuitive, modular and convenient capturing method using tripods and helmets you can just walk and capture as it keeps a track of the capture location automatically. Beamo can avoid human errors that could occur with manual positioning and also cuts post-processing time by 90%. It lets you: Crawl - It hops on to the back of a robot dog for remote inspection, moreover excelling through rough terrains. With Beamo you can: Drive - Just mount the 360 camera on top of a vehicle and you're ready to cover vast lands and roads easily with GPS. It lets you: Fly - You can get a bird's-eye view of your sites or even inspect high ceilings.

With the Beamo App, you have a mobile 3D workspace, as you can browse your digital twins instantly from your smartphone, anywhere and navigate any space remotely. As well as check the result of your latest captures, without having to visit the site!

Manage all your sites and teams in one place.

Beamo Portal Survey

Enterprise-ready features for large teams Beamo enhances communication with your team to help make well informed-decisions. With the Team Management feature you can assign a role to set access to the digital twin data and securely share information. You can also utilize the 3D Workspace for documentation and collaboration. Beamo offers you the foundation to create your own corporate spatial internet that lets you contextualize site documentation, field training programs, IoT sensor data, operational tasks and more. All in the context of the digitally replicated site of facility.

More features that set Beamo apart -

Tag - Tags are attached to a specific object/place of interest for the purpose of identification or to inform other users in the 3D Workspace, they let you highlight the things that matter. You can convey warnings, interrogations, information and much more. Like adding images, videos, files, or links to Tags and embedding any content easily using iFrames.

Comment - Comments let you directly communicate with others to resolve issues or emergencies by leaving a note to your teammates. You get notified when mentioned with notifications in your dashboard to keep track of tasks. Meanwhile, you can also add written remarks, opinion or reaction to a specific object/place and mention your teammates to resolve pressing matters.

Measure - With Beamo you can take measurements without going onsite. It allows you to remotely measure the dimensions and volumes of any visible objects or space directly. Besides, you can create polylines to measure the total length of complex objects, cables/pipes. And create 3D objects to measure the surface area of a plane or the volume of an object. It lets you save your measurements in the 3D Workspace to share them later.

Compare - Visualize your project progress over time as Beamo lets you capture as many snapshots of your sites, so you can easily monitor the evolution of a space through time. Compare different site surveys side-by-side using a split-screen interactive view. Each of your site survey is automatically linked to other surveys that you take in the same space, without manual adjustments. You can also select the specific versions of the survey you want to share with others to protect confidential information.

Guide - You can now give a tour to your teammates with the unique Guided Paths, which are immersive and interactive virtual tours of your sites that you can record in advance and play at will. Simply create a Guided Path by walking around naturally, as each interaction is recorded. Organize your content into folders. Play, stop, explore and resume tours at your convenience. Guided Paths are useful for self-onboarding, showing access protocols or for training purposes too.

Meet - Meet in person from anywhere. Another feature is meeting directly in the digital twin so as to communicate the information that you want to share in a more immersive manner.

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Beamo's Digital Twin and AI Technology

The Auto-leveling feature compensates for changes in the camera’s angles
and automatically aligns and stitches images together, making the entire process very easy and quick.

Since capturing spaces with no one around is challenging, with the added facial detection feature, you can protect people’s privacy by blurring out faces in the digital twin.

All in all, the innovative and distinct features make Beamo a unique Digital Twin Technology, that is easy to apply to various spaces for multiple uses. Unlike other variants, Beamo boasts of 0 processing failure with numerous outstanding advantages of application as well as a variety of successful clients and use cases.

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