The Prop-tech Wave and Beamo's Impact on Construction Management

Explore the advancements in prop-tech technology and the use of the digital twin solution Beamo in construction site management.

Prop-tech, a fusion of property and technology, integrates ICT (Information and Communication Technology) into real estate and construction sectors, revolutionizing traditional practices. Beamo exemplifies this transformation, utilizing 3D digital twin technology to remotely verify construction sites. With features like 360-degree views, V-SLAM technology, and efficient project management tools, Beamo is revolutionizing the approach to real estate and construction projects.


Emergence of Prop-tech: Transforming Real Estate with Technology Integration

Prop-tech, a fusion of 'Property' and 'Technology,' refers to online services that integrate ICT (Information and Communication Technology) into the real estate and construction sectors, revolutionizing traditional practices and making real estate transactions, investments, and management more efficient. It encompasses cutting-edge technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), the Internet of Things (IoT), and fintech in the conventional real estate industry. Unlike its earlier focus on digital intermediation services for finding homes online, prop-tech has expanded to include real estate development, design, construction, and even investment.

Prop-tech services are experiencing rapid growth, given the advantages of easily obtaining real estate information remotely, which was previously reliant on physical presence. The rise of contactless services due to the COVID-19 pandemic has further propelled this trend. Prominent prop-tech services include shared accommodation platform Airbnb, coworking space provider WeWork, and real estate information company Zigbang.


Beamo: Revolutionizing Construction Site Verification

Beamo by 3i is a service that allows verification of construction sites without physically being present, using 3D digital twin technology. By operating the Beamo App installed on smartphones with a 360-degree camera, users can easily capture construction sites either automatically or manually by walking through them. After uploading the data within the app, rapid post-processing occurs, generating a 360-view solution. With its advantage of creating a digital twin based on 360-degree photos, Beamo is highly efficient for construction project management. A Beamo client, for example, captures the construction site every morning, creating 360-views that are promptly incorporated into project management and decision-making.

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Beamo utilizes Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (V-SLAM) technology, enabling mapping in indoor spaces without GPS. This feature allows capturing and digitizing indoor spaces where drones, commonly used for external site management, cannot access. It makes construction companies facilitate easy internal management of construction sites.

The capability to virtually explore the interior of a site via walk-through views, create virtual tours with easy path recording, measure object dimensions, leave comments related to tasks, and attach various documents or media using tagging functions enhances work efficiency and smartly manages construction projects.


Prop-tech's Impact: Shifting from Manual On-site Work to Digital Twins and Smart Management

The traditional real estate industry model involved manual work on-site for building design, construction, management, and operations. However, with the advancement of prop-tech, now one can easily find properties without real estate agents, inspect homes using VR, and manage construction projects based on digital twins through apps like Beamo.

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