Why 360° View is Better for Remote Inspection

Beamo is 360° photo-based digital twin with easy capture and fast data processing that improves business performance with an efficient inspection process.

Remote inspection is mainly used in situations where physical access to the inspection site is difficult or impossible. It is becoming increasingly popular in terms of being much more cost-effective than visiting the sites in-person. Remote inspection can be used to reduce travel costs for inspection if the site is large or assets to be managed are distributed in various areas. There are a variety of ways for remote inspection like video conferencing tools, but a 360° photo-based digital twin is best when you evaluate a facility or factory.


360° Photo-Based Digital Twin Advantages

1. Larger Field-of-View

360° Cameras provide a larger field-of-view and it is especially helpful when inspecting large areas. Inspectors and managers can access a 360° digital twin platform and look around freely and evaluate the condition of the facility. In particular, creating a digital twin using a high resolution 360° camera allows you to collect accurate information about the details.

2. More effective documentations and records

One of the biggest advantages to inspection using a 360° view is that you can record the entire process without missing parts. Photos or videos are often missing when checked after an inspection. The 360° photo-based digital twin allows you to view the facilities you missed during the inspection, and record and share your work status using functions such as tags and comments on the platform.

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One of Beamo’s customers, NTT, a Japan-based telecommunications company introduced Beamo to remotely inspect all buildings distributed in various countries and regions. They generated a digital twin for buildings and uploaded all documents related to the inspection so that they use Beamo as a documentation and collaboration tool as well as facility inspection. The effective inspection process not only increased the efficiency of the work but also reduced the inspection cost. 

Beamo is a 360° photo-based digital twin platform with easy capture and fast data processing. Quickly create 360° views of scattered assets and improve business performance with an efficient inspection process. 

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