How we helped our clients

Beamo continuously develops our digital twin solution to address and accommodate specific use cases that our clients need so they can get the most value out of their digital twins.


With Beamo, Site Survey Teams can now conduct inspections 30% faster and use fewer resources.


Beamo improved maintenance record and continuity between shifts by 45%.


Beamo has reduced maintenance costs and errors, and improved MTTR by 30%.


Beamo reduced Digital Twin's creation of steel plants from 6 months of work to a couple of hours.


Companies we’ve worked with

Beamo is trusted by multinational enterprises in various industries across the world.

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Ride with Beamo on your DT journey

Make Digital Transformation rhyme with Digital Twin. Engineers, managers, and directors, whether on the ground or offsite, are all raving about Beamo and how it’s transforming their ways of working for the better.

“For enterprises with distributed facilities, Beamo is a game-changer when it comes to reducing inspection time and the number of trips you have to make onsite."

“What used to be possible only on the site can now be done remotely, allowing us to check on the current situation of the field and to align our perceptions. ”

“Working with the Beamo team has enabled us to deliver a jaw-dropping user experience to contextualize our IoT networks deployed in real-world spaces.”

“With Beamo, it takes only one or two hours to create immersive digital twins of our Special Steel Manufacturing Plant, instead of 6 months using traditionnal methods.”


The rise of the Digital Twin industry

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Myths about Digital Twins

Discover what it really takes to create Digital Twins for the built environment. 

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