All your information at your fingertips.

With Beamo, keep records, curate tribal knowledge, and reduce information loss.


Documentation made easy

Beamo allows you to input important information while capturing spaces, placing valuable knowledge in its appropriate context.


90 %

Your reports are ready for you and your entire team right when you leave the site, not a week after.

50 %

Don’t waste time finding the right information. It is always right where it is supposed to be.

40 %

No need to keep going onsite when you have the information you need available online.


Powerful knowledge at your disposal.

Store and find the information you need where you expect them to be.

Beamo Digital Twin Documentation

Organize information with visual context.

Enterprises have trouble dealing with a tremendous amount of data. Contextualize information by anchoring it spatially in a 3D virtual space, like in real life.

Save hundreds of hours in documentation.

Gone are the days of manually patching up information for reports. Automatically stitch pictures and media, with location information, directly on an interactive floor plan to speed up reporting.

Maintain knowledge continuity.

Never waste away expertise in the bottom drawer of a retiring manager. Build up your knowledge base and make it available for current and future generations of employees.

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Keep the light on for the whole team.

Don't let important data fall through the cracks. Share valuable information and collaborate with the whole team.

Not just another database.

Securely share with internal and external stakeholders any type of document (videos, images, PDF...) or link your corporate repositories directly to the digital twin.

Document field conditions onsite.

Add layers of annotations and complementary information directly while onsite to cut reporting process and share findings instantly with remote teams.

Tailor content for each asset and each team.

Choose who has access to each site and create documentation on a team basis. Share specific content across departments or give limited access to external stakeholders.


Store any file in its right context.

Beamo allows you to add information or upload materials in intuitive places within the 3D Workspace.


Instruction Manuals

Keep user manuals for highly technical equipment readily accessible by teams.

Tutorial Videos

Display how-to videos to guide staff on how to accomplish certain tasks.

Work Reports

Easily document your project’s progress and share the report with key stakeholders.

Diagrams and Drawings

Easily convey processes and action plans through diagrams and illustrations in the right context and place.


Store and showcase your team’s tribal knowledge in the context of where the information is most useful.

Punch Lists

Collate and display a shared list of tasks to be assigned and accomplished by specific members of the team.

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