360° inspection
made easy

Automate inspection processes and bring results in minutes. Beamo lets you capture any space in 360° without requiring any expertise.

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Pain-Free Site Surveys

Beamo provides a streamlined experience, using top-of-the-line software and hardware solutions.


30 %

Complete site surveys faster than traditional methods while providing greater details through 360° image captures.

40 %

Avoid lengthy travels by capturing a complete picture of your facilities and avoid going back for missed details or for the needs of other departments.

70 %

Stop having to send large cross-funcitonal inspection teams to remote places. Send only one site surveyor or use resources avalaible onsite.


Inspect sites in their full 360° glory.

Instead of mobilizing a cross-departmental team to run around the world, Beamo allows anybody available onsite to easily capture using a smartphone and a 360° camera.

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Streamline your inspection workflow.

Beamo reduces the effort of surveying with a streamlined and guided workflow. Document site surveys consistently and compare them through time.

Get all those hard-to-reach places.

Beamo lets you also capture hazardous or hard-to-access environments (ladders, rooftops, cables, low ceilings, narrow paths, underlayments...)

Built to scale up quickly and easily.

There is no limit in the size or variety of the space that you want to capture. You can customize your space and where it’s hosted.

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Beamo makes it possible to map the real world onto the virtual space very easily.

In addition to reducing the amount of time spent on creating reports by taking photographs, the reporters are now able to provide a more realistic report with a sense of reality.

Since the 3D View shows information about the entire facility, there is no need to travel to the facility to re-photograph the forgotten or additional information that is needed.

Yoichi Taguchi, Senior Manager at NTT Communications

On foot

Most Intuitive and modular capturing method (tripod, helmet…).

For all types of spaces.

On legs

Hop on the back of a robot-dog for remote inspection.

For rough terrains.

On wheels

Cover vast open lands and roads, on any vehicle, in no time.

For outdoor spaces.

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Survey anywhere and anyhow.

Beamo lets you capture any indoor or outdoor environment in full detail to serve your specific purpose.

Land Survey

Survey property lines, building locations, and roads with precision.

Construction Site Inspection

Inspect and document all contractor activities and construction progress.

Equipment Inspection

Make sure that equipment and machinery are safe for use and that all systems are working properly.

Facility Inspection

Analyze your buildings according to statutory standards and keep site records easily updated.

Fire Safety Inspection

Identify risks and fire hazards early and prevent accidents at work.

Remote Inspection

Ensure that your project is running according to plan and check work progress, without going onsite.


Prepare your inspection, save time onsite

Beamo allows you to prepare for site visits ahead of time, which helps your teams be more efficient and productive.

Check access protocols and best routes.

Define how can employees access an entire site, a floor, or a specific room with only the information you want to share.

Collaborate immersively and in real-time.

Meet your teammates in your digital twin and collaborate with them like you would in real life.

Prevent accidents from happening.

Beamo reduces the risk of work related injury by highlighting hazardous areas on your work site and keeping people out of harms way.

Want to go for a 360° spin?