Keep watch on your most critical assets.

With Beamo, monitor your assets in real-time, onsite or offsite.

Beamo Portal Digital Twin Real time data sensor SAP Fiori Asset Management

Don't wait for the alarm to trigger.

Stay on top of what's happening at your facilities without having to go there all the time.


80 %

Monitor you work environment and spot high-risk issues and address them early to prevent any physical harm to your teams or economic damage to business.

40 %

Avoid lengthy travels by carefully preparing your maintenance operations and always having the appropriate documentation with you.

30 %

From failure to fully operational status, reduce your mean time to recovery with better monitoring and contextualized decision making.


Monitor your assets remotely.

Beamo gives you in-depth visibility of your assets. Work in a 3D Workspace, no matter where your teams are.

Beamo Digital Twin Operations and Maintenance

Get insights into remote places before going there.

Beamo uses state-of-the-art hardware and software technology to capture the entirety of your sites into an immersive 360° digital twin. Allow experts and specialists access to sites in advance to support the planning of their maintenance routines, check access protocols...

Digitally transform your place of operations.

Get rid of outdated paper workflows and give access to onsite and offsite experts to a 3D database that contextualizes building documentation, maintenance reports, or equipment manuals. Consult documents on the go and avoid carrying in and out what is not needed.

Onboard staff quickly, train them even faster, remotely.

Beamo lets you create tailored content and embed it into an immersive and interactive virtual tour of your sites. Provide an immersive and centralized platform for self-onboarding, and to host live training sessions and informative videos or documents, without going onsite.

Want to go for a 360° spin?


A staple for enterprises with distributed and critical facilities.

Beamo is an enterprise-grade digital twin solution that unifies your entire network of facilities, even when they're thousands of miles apart.

Facilities Management

Coordinate the physical workplace with the people and work through its digital twin.

Equipment Maintenance

Monitor the health of your most critical assets, minimize downtimes, and prevent damages.

Building Operations

Operate, maintain, and manage a building by monitoring HVAC system, electrical, plumbing, etc.

Transportation Maintenance

Manage the upkeep of facilities and vehicles for air, land, and sea travel and transportation.

Preventive Maintenance

Visualize your IoT System through a digital twin to optimize your preventive maintenance strategies for maximum efficiency.

Maintenance Shift Management

Digitize your paper workflow and ensure an optimal transition between maintenance teams.


The new soul of the digital enterprise

Beamo is a digital twin solution, allowing you to augment it with layers of information and integrate with your enterprise's operational and business workflows.

IoT made visible and contextualized

Import your equipment and live data feeds into the digital twin and monitor your sites in real-time in our visual interface.

Team work with visibility
and accountability.

Comment on equipment condition and assign tasks that are embedded into the 3D Workspace and supported by curated documentation.

Centralized knowledge base.

Cultivate the tribal knowledge within your teams and provide an intuitive tool to create training content both simply and at scale.

Want to go for a 360° spin?