Record your project's progress.

With Beamo, get the information you need to plan your projects, and keep track of your progress at all times.

Beamo-Project-management- digital-twin-solution

The devil is in the details.

For large scale projects, it's easy to miss out on some of the finer details. Beamo simplifies your workflows, allowing you to focus on what matters most.


80 %

Without preparation, failure is almost a certainty.  Study your sites and know exactly what you're dealing with to prepare in advance for all possible outcomes.

50 %

Site surveys and reports have never been this easier. No more slide presentations with hundreds of slides and pictures. Automate your inspection and reporting processes.

40 %

Avoid lengthy travels by capturing a complete picture of your facilities and avoid going back for missed details or for the needs of other departments.


Go according to plan.

Beamo allows you to create digital twins of your worksite and capture detailed changes over a project's life.

Beamo Project management digital twin

Prepare for large-scale projects meticulously.

Plan for success by studying all aspects of a site and its environment in thorough detail, onsite and through its digital twin. Use the information uncovered to plan for an efficient and successful project.

Work together towards the same goals.

Effective communication is needed to produce quality work, whether it's a team of a dozen or over hundreds. Collaborate in one workspace and share the same perspectives regarding projects and tasks.

Visualize your work in progress.

It's hard to report on progress in a slide presentation. But it's easy to create an immersive 360° digital twin of your site. Monitor your progress over time and compare plans vs actual outcomes.

Want to go for a 360° spin?


Zero in on your critical projects.

Beamo is a simple and scalable digital twin solution that can handle any type of project, in any scale or level of complexity.

Civil Engineering

Design, develop, and analyze infrastructure projects, whether its a large scale national project or a smaller building project.

Construction Engineering

Oversee and manage construction projects and ensure teams are producing quality work in an efficient manner.


Design, develop, and execute the construction of buildings and physical structures, whether it be residential, commercial, institutional or art.

Urban Planning

Oversee the development of cities by designing and developing physical spaces, their particular uses and their economic and social effects on the population.

Restoration, Renovation, and Remodeling

Scope out the location of your restoration, renovation, or remodeling projects, understand the work needed, and document the before and after states.


Quickly and easily conduct and document a site survey pre-demolition and then create a comprehensive plan to execute the project safely and efficiently.


A powerful solution for team projects.

Work together with the entire team towards the same goals with an intuitive and scalable platform. 

Multiple projects from one dashboard

Organize, filter, bookmark, and find your projects in a few clicks with one central customizable map. Create site profiles with valuable information, plans,...

Document field conditions onsite.

Add layers of annotations and complementary information directly while onsite to cut reporting process and share findings instantly with remote teams.

Team work with visibility and accountability

Comment on equipment condition and assign tasks that are embedded into the 3D Workspace and supported by curated documentation.

Want to go for a 360° spin?