Virtual training made real.

With Beamo, facilitate an immersive training environment.


Prepare your teams from day one.

Beamo allows you to conduct training comprehensively and conveniently, positioning your teams for success.

96 %

Better prepare your staff to follow proper protocols, handle equipment, know hazardous areas, or respond to common and emergency situations.

78 %

Boost self-onboarding by providing an immersive 3D space that mimicks reality and by providing content customized to each type of asset.

50 %

Onboard and train new recruits remotely and quickly, without going onsite and avoid wasting training experts' time in lengthy and risky travels.


Take your onboarding to the next level.

Beamo allows you to facilitate your training within the digital twin of your work environment, creating a truly immersive experience.


Create an immersive training playground.

Create an immersive and interactive virtual tour of your sites. Allow your new team members to explore and interact with sites almost as if they were physically there, even before they actually get there.

Onboard your staff at your own convenience.

Onboard new members without being at the mercy of the accessibility and availability of assets or facilities. Imagine having to train flight attendants with dozens of types of aircraft. What a nightmare to schedule and coordinate training for that.

Train teams to handle any situation.

Giving teams ready access to digital twins of critical facilities can equip them with near firsthand experience before even stepping foot onsite. Teams can already familiarize themselves with the environment so that they can react quickly and intuitively to any situation.

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Knowledge shared is power multiplied.

Beamo lets you choose exactly how you want to onboard teams.

Record specific routes or procedures.

Whether it is for access protocols or showcase a specific path from point A to point B, record interactive Guided Path for your teams.

Collaborate immersively and in real-time.

Meet your teammates in your digital twin and collaborate with them like you would in real life.

Create content for each asset.

Choose what information you want to associate with each asset or type of asset. Upload any type of file, whether it’s a document, an image, or a video.


Create a full arsenal of training courses.

Build dedicated training course materials for the different types of members on your team.


Tour new team members around a 3D Workspace and show them the lay of the land.

Crew Onboarding

Teach new recruits what they need to do, how to do them, and where they need to go.

Safety Training

Train staff on how to protect themselves from work-related injuries and how to handle emergencies.

Quality Training

Train your teams on how to ensure all output meet the company’s quality standards as well as regulatory requirements.

Equipment Operation

Show your staff how to handle expensive and critical equipment properly.

Building Maintenance

Teach your crew how to manage the upkeep of residential or commercial buildings.

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