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Beamo Portal enhances communication with your team and make informed-decision.

Beamo Portal Survey

3D Workspace for documentation and collaboration


  • Tag

  • Comment

  • Measure

  • Compare

  • Guide

  • Meet

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Highlight the things that matter

Tags are attached to a specific object or place of interest for the purpose of identification or to inform other users in the 3D Workspace.

  • Convey different types of messaging: warning, interrogation, information, interdiction, and validation.

  • Add images, videos, files, or links to Tags.

  • iFrames: Embed any content easily using iFrames
Beamo_Portal_3D Workspace_ feature_Comment

Leave a note to your teammates

Unlike Tags, Comments let you directly communicate with others to resolve issues or emergencies.

  • Add written remarks to a specific object or place of interest to express an opinion or reaction.

  • Mention your teammates and communicate with each other to resolve pressing matters

  • Get notified when mentioned and check your notification in your dashboard to keep track of tasks.
Beamo_Portal_3D Workspace_ feature_Measure

Take measurements without going onsite

Remotely measure the dimensions and volumes of any visible objects or space directly in the 3D workspace.

  • Create polylines to measure the total length of complex objects, cables, pipes,...

  • Create 3D Objects to measure the surface area of a plane or the volume of an object

  • Save your measurements in the 3D Workspace to share them later with others.
Beamo_Portal_3D Workspace_ feature_Compare

Visualize your project progress over time

Beamo lets you capture as many snapshots of your sites as you want so you can monitor the evolution of a space through time easily.

  • Compare different site surveys side-by-side using a split-screen interactive view.

  • Each site survey is automatically linked to other surveys taken in the same space, without manual adjustment.

  • Select which versions of the survey you would like to share with others to protect confidential information.
Beamo_Portal_3D Workspace_ feature_Guide

Give a tour to your teammates

Guided Paths are immersive and interactive virtual tours of your sites that you can record in advance and play at will.

  • Simply create a Guided Path by walking around naturally, each interaction will be recorded.

  • Organize your content into different folders. Play, stop, explore, and resume tours at your convenience.

  • Guided Paths are useful for self-onboarding, showing access protocols, or for training purposes.
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Meet in person from anywhere

Meet directly in the digital twin and communicate the information that you want to share more immersively.

Immersive 360° view

Beamo Portal helps you to explore the reality of the site in an immersive 360° view.

Enterprise-ready features for large teams


Custom Site Map

Organize, filter, bookmark
your sites with few clicks into
one customizable map.

Team Management

Assign a role to set access to digital twin data and securely share information.

3D Editor

User friendly 3D Editor allows
users to easily modify and
create digital twins.


Accurate and precise mapping

AI provides automated picture positioning for accurate and precise mapping where GPS is not available.


Capture any type of space



It is possible to capture
in any type of indoor environment.


Tight spaces can be captured with a 360 camera.


Create your own street view through outdoor capture.


Capture a large area of outdoor such as a construction site.

Just walk and capture

The Beamo App is able to keep track of the capture location automatically.

It avoids human errors that could occur with manual positioning and cuts post-processing time by 90%.

Outdoor capture with GPS

Beamo lets you now capture vast open spaces
on foot or by car using your GPS.

Sites of any size can be captured easily and quickly using Beamo App.

Mobile 3D Workspace

You can browse your digital twins instantly from
your smartphone, anywhere.

Navigate any space remotely without going onsite
and check the result of your latest capture.

A new dawn for modular site survey



Compact device, Easy to deploy

Beamo Starter Kit is easy to transport and set up,
supports indoors and outdoors mapping as well as site survey processes.

Beamo Starter Kit_Components