Make digital twins
10x faster

Beamo allows anybody available onsite to easily and quickly capture any space using a smartphone and a 360° camera.

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A revolution for your
inspection workflow

360° digital twins are accurate, contextual, and immersive. So why not combine them with your inspection workflows? Digital twins are the best way to replace traditional 2D photo reports that can take up to a week to compile and create.

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Just walk and capture

The Beamo App is able to locate you anywhere as you perform site surveys and makes sure you are on the right track.

It's the next generation of site survey automation, just walk and capture.

Avoid human errors that could occur with manual positioning and cut post-processing time by 90%.

Perfect for indoors where GPS is absent but also works for outdoors.

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Capture any type of space

Beamo works well with any type of physical environment you want to capture. Capture reality as far as your imagination can take you.


Create 3D replicas of your buildings.


Illuminate unnavigable places like plenum spaces.


Create your own version of Google Street View.


Capture the geographic terrain.


Launching outdoor capture with GPS

Beamo lets you now capture vast open spaces on foot or by car using your GPS. Creating your own Street View has never been this easy. Just drive and shoot!

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Capture even the smallest details

When taking notes directly onsite, it is often hard to remember its context or exact location. The Beamo App lets you capture any information, on the go, and stitch it to its location on the floor plan. Your findings will be directly embedded in the digital twin as Tags.


No need to manually collage your findings into lengthy inspection reports. We now take care of that.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Convey messages through snapshots of objects or spaces.


Want to tell a whole story? Take full-length videos and upload them to your digital twin.

Want to take Beamo for a 360° spin?


Make digital twin in minutes,
not hours or days

Create digital twins while performing land surveys, site surveys, or any type of field inspection. Digital twins might seem daunting to create at first. But we make it easy, fast, and fun.

  • 360° Cameras

  • Survey Synchrony

  • Mass Upload

  • Fast Processing

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Works with off-the-shelf 360° Cameras

Breeze through the site using only a smartphone and a 360° camera connected through the Beamo app.

  • No expertise is needed in order to conduct surveys using Beamo. It is that simple: walk and capture.

  • No need for expensive, complicated 3D scanners or technical experts.

  • You can now send fewer people or use resources already available onsite.
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Conduct faster surveys together

Cover more ground by capturing sites by pairs or by teams.

  • Have teams conduct surveys together to speed up capturing process for large sites.

  • Work together and tag objects and areas at the same time.

  • All results will be compiled and uploaded into the same space.
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Capture now, upload later

Since reliable networks are not always available onsite, you can capture surveys of several spaces or locations and upload them when and where convenient.

  • Check the upload and processing status directly for the Beamo App

  • Queue all your downloads at once and check the result later, directly on your smartphone

  • No size limitations for survey uploads, capture as much as you like.


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Get sharable results immediately

Once your capture is done, upload all your content from the Beamo App into the Beamo Portal. All your 360° pictures and tags will be automatically processed.

  • An immersive digital twin will be ready in a minute, so you can share and collaborate right away.

  • Always be sure that your digital twin is organized in the right place, space, and time, so you can always leverage them later.

  • Check the final result from your phone after a few minutes.



Keep your critical assets
in the palm of your hand

Beamo lets you browse your digital twins instantly from your smartphone, anywhere. You can remotely navigate any space on the go or check the result of your latest capture.

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No limit to your capturing workflow

Expand your survey capabilities by unlocking new means of capturing, whether you want to use new accessories, your personal vehicle or walking and flying robots, we got you covered.


Most Intuitive and modular capturing method.


Cover vast open lands and roads, on any vehicle, in no time.


Hop on the back of a robot dog for remote inspection.


Get a bird's-eye view of your sites or inspect high ceilings. 

Want to take Beamo for a 360° spin?


All you need to make your first digital twin

Making digital twins shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why Beamo democratized digital twin creation by doing away with the fancy, expensive hardware.

Beamo Starter Kit

Beamo Starter Kit

Beamo Starter Kit fits in your suitcase or backpack and can easily be carried around or brought during business trips. No more heavy equipment that's difficult to manipulate or long inspection times.

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360° Camera

Beamo uses off-the-shelves Ricoh Theta cameras (Z1, V, SC2 models), capable of shooting 360° still images, to create high-fidelity photographic Digital Twins. They can fit in your pocket and be used indoor and outdoor.

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The Beamo App is avalaible on iOS 14.3 (starting from iPhone 11 or SE2 and above). Start your capture at once with no expertise needed by following our quick and easy step-by-step instructions on the Beamo App.