3i Inc. gave a presentation at AWS SaaS Talk

3i Inc, a digital twin company, was invited to AWS SaaS Talk to give a lecture.

3i Inc, a digital twin company, was invited to AWS SaaS Talk held in Tokyo, Japan on November 1st to introduce the company to Japanese companies and VCs. This event is for individuals and businesses interested in SaaS businesses, supporting information related to start-ups and partnerships to scale up the company. 3i Inc. was selected as a success story among five Korean startups and gave a lecture to about 100 audiences under the theme of Global Digital Twin SaaS Growth and Pivot.

The speech of Kim Ken, CEO of 3i, started with “It’s better not to start a business. Learn from my failure story.” The lecture, which lasted for about 30 minutes, was mainly about the difficulties he has experienced since the beginning of his business and what he has challenged to overcome. 3i Inc. plans to continue its full-fledged journey in the Japanese market by establishing a business network with various Japanese partners and VCs they met at this event.

Founded in 2017, 3i has been securing customers in the U.S., Europe, and Korea by launching digital twin solution Beamo and smart pod Pivo that can rotate 360 degrees. In 2021, it signed a business agreement with Japan’s largest telecommunications company NTT and secured it as a channel partner. Seeing the potential of Japan’s SaaS and digital twin markets, 3i plans to accelerate its entry into the Japanese market through this event.

“AWS Japan Saas Talk was a great opportunity for 3i to meet and interact with various companies in Japan,” said Kim Ken, CEO of 3i. “We will make efforts to establish a good network with the companies we met through this event and strengthen our position as a digital twin solution provider in the building space in Japan.”




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