Beamo Angelswing Join Forces to Provide Integrated Digital Twin Solutions for Smart Construction

Beamo has announced a strategic partnership with Angelswing to deliver a comprehensive drone & 360-camera integrated platform.

3i inc. behind the Beamo signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Angelswing for the development of Integrated Digital Twin Solutions for Smart Construction

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA  – May 22, 2023 – 3i Inc, a provider of indoor mapping solutions, and Angelswing, a leading construction technology startup specializing in drone virtualization technology have announced a strategic partnership to deliver a comprehensive drone & 360-camera integrated platform.

Angelswing and 3i Won-nyeong Park , Angelswing CEO (left) and Ken Kim, 3i inc. CEO  (right) taking a picture to commemorate the signing of an MOU on the development of Integrated Digital Twin Solutions for Smart Construction on May 9.  (Photo: courtesy of Angelswing)

The agreement between Angelswing and 3i Inc includes several key initiatives: the development of linkages between the drone and 360 camera platforms, the provision of integrated digital twin platforms and services, and the creation of business models to expand the smart construction market.

Angelswing offers a cutting-edge digital twin platform that revolutionizes construction and safety management by virtualizing construction sites using drone data. Leveraging advanced photogrammetry technology, 2D drone photos are transformed into detailed 3D models. The platform provides a range of functionalities such as time series comparison, CAD/BIM drawing comparison, earthwork volume calculation, and equipment safety simulation.

3i Inc's Beamo, a state-of-the-art 3D digital twin solution, enables users to quickly and easily create, manage, and navigate digital twins of buildings using 360-degree cameras and smartphones. Beamo excels in indoor spaces where GPS reception is challenging, automatically recognizing object locations and capturing accurate spatial information. It facilitates efficient process and quality control.

By integrating Angelswing's drone platform with 3i Inc's Beamo platform, the partnership aims to provide comprehensive quality and safety management for both exterior and interior aspects of construction. This integration combines outdoor data acquired by drones with indoor data captured by 360 cameras, optimizing construction quality and safety throughout the entire building process, from construction to completion.

"Drawing on the technological expertise accumulated by both companies, we will leverage our respective areas of specialization to meet the increasing demand for smart construction. Our collaborative efforts will enable users to seamlessly create indoor and outdoor digital twin, while expanding the digital twin platform ecosystem through partnerships with leading con-tech technology companies. We are committed to driving advancements in the domestic smart construction market and enhancing global competitiveness."
CEO Park Won-nyeong of Angelswing

"This strategic partnership between 3i Inc and Angelswing represents a significant milestone in the smart construction industry. By combining our cutting-edge technologies, we are poised to deliver unparalleled integrated digital twin solutions. We believe that our collaboration will revolutionize the way construction projects are planned, managed, and executed, and we are excited to contribute to the growth of the smart construction market."
CEO Ken Kim of 3i Inc

About Angelswing

Starting from the Nepal earthquake reconstruction project in 2015, Angelswing has been focusing on the ongoing problems in the construction industry over the past years, such as low productivity in work sites, and with a vision to innovate the construction industry and create a better society through technology, Angelswing has been using drone technology to help many people solve various problems and It provides a digital twin platform based on drone virtualization technology that helps people solve problems and dream of a better life.

About 3i

Established in 2017, 3i Co., Ltd. is a platform business that connects Pivo's Smart Pod hardware and applications as its main business. It also has Beamo, a solution for businesses that remotely manages industrial sites and facilities by reconstructing them into a digital space. 
It has related technologies such as AI so that anyone can easily and better utilize the experience of the real world in the digital world by using leading technology to capture, share, and collaborate with real content and information in the digital space.

3i has a vision to become a platform that connects people to people at a time when everything in everyday life is digitalized and has a mission to support smooth interaction between the real world and the digital world. Based on the growth of hardware and software, it plans to focus on supplying SDK to various developers in the future. 3i aims to provide a variety of pleasures by integrating into consumers' homes, offices, and industries.

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