Beamo: Most Promising Digital Twin Solutions Provider in 2022

CIO Review awards Beamo as one of the 10 Most Promising Digital Twin Solutions Providers of 2022 enabling better collaboration between onsite and remote teams.

This article was taken from CIO Review: Digital Twin Edition where Beamo was awarded CIO Review’s Most Promising Digital Twin Solutions Provider of 2022. Read the full review below. 

Beamo: Digital Twin Technology for Better Collaboration

“In a world far detached from the sources and physical assets, our goal is to connect people, places, and things. That’s why we are driving the use of digital twin technology, the missing link between the information at hand and the context of the information.”
Naresh Parshotam, Head of Beamo

Founded in 2017, Beamo offers an enterprise-grade digital twin solution that provides an accurate, contextual, and immersive digital replica of mission-critical facilities or remote sites. The user-friendly solution also incorporates built-in conferencing, task assignment, and chat to interact with others to carry on discussions and work together in an immersive 3D view.

With Beamo’s survey kit, users can capture 360-degree images and cover up to 30,000 square feet in an hour. However, the company’s real magic lies in its AI algorithms that stitch the digital twins within minutes.

“We have a no-code way of augmenting the digital twin with information, including tribal knowledge, sensor data, and business workflows or media documents.”

Beamo also opens up collaboration through built-in video conferencing. Now the users never have to leave the digital twin and would always have the context of the conversation right in front of them. This built-in capability for sharing and visualizing information ensures there is never any miscommunication. It is evidently advantageous and efficient when project collaborations and discussions with teams, clients, and contractors take place remotely.

Additionally, companies can make use of the Beamo digital twin as a teaching tool to train their employees for operational or safety training. With the aid of sensor data and business applications, employees get a better context of where they are working and get alerts on hidden risks while walking through the assets.

“We provide solutions that are enterprise scalable and secure, hosted in a VPC. For instance, if a room in the physical world is for authorized personnel only, we incorporate the selected access into the digital twin as well.”

Beamo is always committed to making the client onboarding process as frictionless as possible. The company always aims to make the customers fully independent and productive at the earliest. The process typically starts with a one-hour onboarding session (even remotely over video) where the user is guided to do their first capture. This enables clients to quickly get up and running. Followed by the capture, the first critical asset will be up and running in an hour’s time. Beamo’s customer success team constantly checks in and reaches out for client feedback to ensure the success of the deployed solutions or understand if they are facing any challenges. Their onboarding is also backed by live training sessions to assist the clients in their ongoing journey as well.

Client-centric solution delivery like this has enabled Beamo to serve a plethora of clients. Beamo is deployed by NTT in their data centers worldwide, helping them save about $10,000 in travel costs per engineer and 500 hours in inspection times, adding to a combined total of $300,000 per site per year. The time and cost savings using the digital twin technology have made Beamo a trusted partner for the Japanese multinational IT service and consulting company.

Having served a wide variety of clients worldwide, Beamo continues to invest in its core AI platform and applications. The company is building new hardware to support new capturing modes for their digital twins and better their code-free integrations.

“We see tremendous opportunity to grow by integrating more third-party solutions. To that measure, we have started to make API and SDK integration process more seamless and are driving towards code-free integrations.”

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