Innovation in Data Center Construction and Operation Using Digital Twin

Discover how digital twins can revolutionize the design, monitoring, maintenance, security, and optimization of data centers. Explore global companies’ use cases of digital twin technology and the application of Beamo solution.

Data centers play a central role in the modern digital economy, and operating them efficiently and reliably is a crucial task. The design and construction of data centers involve considering various elements such as space, power, cooling, network, storage, and security, all of which need to function seamlessly to maintain high performance. Recently, as part of digital transformation (DX), digital twin technology has emerged, bringing innovative changes to the design, construction, and operation of data centers.

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Challenges in Data Center Design and Construction

Due to the complex nature of IT infrastructure, detailed planning is essential for the design and construction of data centers. Optimally configuring server layouts, cooling systems, and power distribution is challenging, making it crucial to conceptualize the best layout and infrastructure setup during the design phase. Maximizing the utilization of available space is another critical task, and managing various key information within the data center, including physical security, access control, surveillance systems, and fire prevention, is vital for effective data center management.


Utilizing Digital Twin for Data Center Construction and Operation

Applying digital twin technology across the design, management, optimization, security, and risk management of data centers can significantly enhance operational efficiency. A digital twin is a virtual replica of a physical asset that collects real-time sensor data to monitor and analyze the asset's condition, performance, and operations. Here are ways digital twin technology can be utilized in data center construction and operation:

Design and Simulation

  • Virtual Modeling: Use digital twins during the design phase to simulate the optimal layout and infrastructure setup, optimizing cooling systems, power supply, and network structures.
  • Scenario Testing: Test various operational scenarios to identify potential issues in advance and devise solutions.

Monitoring and Management

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Continuously monitor the real-time status of all equipment and systems within the data center to quickly detect and respond to anomalies.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Combine with machine learning algorithms to predict equipment failures or performance degradation and plan maintenance activities in advance.

Optimization and Efficiency Improvement

  • Resource Optimization: Analyze resource usage patterns using digital twins and optimize resource allocation to reduce energy consumption.
  • Operational Efficiency: Aggregate various operational data to develop strategies that maximize efficiency.

Security and Risk Management

  • Security Vulnerability Analysis: Simulate security vulnerabilities using digital twins and devise reinforcement measures.
  • Crisis Response Simulation: Prepare for natural disasters or cyberattacks by simulating such crisis situations and planning response strategies in advance.


Companies Utilizing Digital Twin for Data Center Construction and Operation

  • Siemens: Siemens leverages digital twin technology to monitor and manage the power supply systems of data centers, optimizing power consumption and enhancing energy efficiency.

  • Microsoft: Microsoft uses its Azure Digital Twins service to optimize the operation of its data centers. By monitoring cooling and power systems and conducting predictive maintenance, Microsoft improves operational efficiency.

  • Equinix: Global data center operator Equinix has adopted digital twins to enhance operational efficiency and provide better services to customers. This enables real-time monitoring of data center status and maintenance of optimal operational environments.



Digital Twin Solution for Data Centers: Beamo

Beamo is a digital twin solution that utilizes a 360-degree camera and smartphone to capture real spaces and generate virtual 360-degree views. Simple equipment can be used to quickly and easily create digital twins, making it useful for managing distant data centers or multiple centers efficiently. Beamo’s unique indoor positioning technology enables mapping even in GPS-less indoor environments, accurately identifying the location of all facilities and equipment within the center.

The created digital twin allows for collecting vivid site information and conditions without needing to visit the site, enabling efficient internal monitoring and management of the data center. Additionally, Beamo offers user-friendly IoT integration, allowing various sensor data for data center operation and management to be monitored on a single platform. Users can check real-time information on energy consumption, power status, equipment cooling, rack temperature, humidity, and leak detection within the data center.

With this information, data center operators can quickly detect and respond to critical issues. Beamo is a powerful tool for enhancing the efficiency of data center management, allowing a comprehensive overview and optimization of all operational aspects. Explore a customer case study on utilizing Beamo for data center inspections.



Maximizing Data Center Operational Efficiency with Digital Twin and Beamo

Digital twin technology is a powerful tool that can bring revolutionary changes to the construction and operation of data centers. Utilizing digital twins can enhance the operational efficiency of data centers, visualize and document various aspects on a single platform, and enable data-driven operations by integrating various sensor data. Moreover, comprehensive information about data center management can be used for employee training or simulations to ensure data center safety management. From the design stage to real-time monitoring, maintenance, and operational optimization, digital twins can be widely applied, simultaneously achieving cost savings and efficiency improvements. Beamo aids in enhancing data center management efficiency, enabling a comprehensive view and optimization of all operational aspects.

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