How a major Japanese Airline company is digitizing its training.

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One of their major challenges is educating and training their flight attendants across the myriad of aircrafts they operate.

Even when attendants complete training, because of the different aircraft configurations and equipment, it is quite difficult for the flight attendants to keep up with them, despite having the right flight operations manuals available in the cabins.

This sometimes leads to flight attendants being unfamiliar with an aircraft and struggling to operate the equipment, impacting the service they provide.


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Optimizing Production Operational Continuity

The airline approached us to evaluate Beamo as a possible solution to meet their education and reporting challenges. Their goal was to evaluate if Beamo could help them digitalize their training process and minimize the errors in their post-flight status reports. 

Beamo onboarded the airline and helped them create surveys of the interiors of their aircraft using the Beamo Starter Kit to create digital twins.


Beamo helped to improve education and training for flight attendants.

Because different types of aircraft have different manuals for various devices including cabin configurations and equipment, the airline company uploaded short training videos, operation manuals and procedural documentation as tags within the digital twin.

If procedures are updated or equipment changes, the airline’s training department uploads the latest documentation and videos, and notifies the attendants.

In this way, flight attendants always have the latest information available to them in the palm of their hands!


Beamo helped to minimize reporting errors on landing.

When the aircraft lands at their hub airports, flight attendants continue to provide error reports. However, instead of written reports, these are now digitalized with Beamo.

Flight attendants tag the damaged area on the digital twin of their aircraft using their phones or tablets, and notify the ground personnel by assigning the reports to them. They also upload specific photographs to provide greater detail as necessary.

The maintenance personnel now have a better understanding of the damage and work that needs to be done, and appropriately prioritize the work as needed.

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