3i Inc. Signs Distribution and Supply Agreement with SmartScape for Digital Twin Beamo in Japan

3i Inc. signed a distribution and supply agreement with SmartScape for its digital twin Beamo to further target the Japanese market.

3i Inc. announced on the 29th that it has signed a distribution and supply agreement with SmartScape, a Japanese information system development company, for Beamo, a digital twin based on 360-degree images, and plans to further target the Japanese market.

SmartScape is a company engaged in a wide range of businesses related to IT technology, including information system development for manufacturing, large-scale business system development, 3D application development and solution sales, and is part of the Smart Holdings Group. By entering into a distribution and supply agreement with 3i Inc for Beamo, SmartScape plans to proactively respond to the demand for digitization in the industrial field, which is expected to increase following the implementation of the Japanese government's Work-style Labor Reform.

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Beamo is an enterprise-grade digital twin that can capture large-scale industrial sites to create a 360 view of the site with simple equipment consisting of a 360-degree camera, smartphone, and tripod, and is characterized by a capture speed that is approximately five times faster than similar solutions. Post-processing is also extremely fast, with an average of 5-10 minutes to process data that would take 1-2 days with other solutions. The ability to map indoors where GPS is not available makes it possible to map not only construction sites, but also various industrial sites such as facility management companies, data centers, and plants.

In addition, it can be used as a communication and collaboration tool with various stakeholders through the Tag function to attach media and documents within the built digital twin and the Comment function to leave notes related to work, and it supports IoT integration to integrate and monitor real-time data to improve workflow and enable efficient work, rather than just checking the 360 view of the site.

"Our digital twin platform is capable of conducting surveys at indoor sites where GPS reception is difficult, enabling fast and accurate process and quality control," said Kim Ken, CEO of 3i Inc. "Through this agreement with SmartScape, we expect Beamo to play a leading role in improving the inherent problems in the Japanese construction industry."


About SmartScape

SmartScape Corporation aims to create a world where "everyone can easily access and understand information. We provide the world with IT technology that makes difficult-to-understand things easier to understand.

  • Establishment: February 18, 2003
  • Location: A-PLACE Shinagawa 8F, 1-8-40 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Business: Research and development, contracted development, and sales of information and communication related technologies, as well as consultancy
  • Affiliated Companies: Smart Engineer Corporation, Smart Implement Corporation, Smart Holdings Corporation
  • Website:

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