Learn how NTT Communications is saving costs and improving collaboration using Beamo.

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Establish a centralized spatial data and documentation management platform

NTT Communications is the largest telecom company in Japan and one of the largest worldwide. To manage space allocation, improve data center resiliency, and reduce the risk of downtime, field inspections and site surveys are conducted on more than 150 facilities around the world. Field teams, composed of engineers from different departments, travel to those locations to evaluate a building’s condition. Reports are drafted after every inspection to inform the commercial department, the management team, or an external construction or design company.

NTT  Communications wants to establish a centralized spatial data and documentation management platform based on the 3D digital twin technology. The goal is to reduce the amount of redundant site surveys, improve overall communication, and improve the reporting workflow. By using this technology, NTT Communications reduced site survey-related expenses, optimized human resources allocation, and improved collaboration on a global scale.

Beamo is currently used to conduct site surveys for 70 buildings in Japan, US and Germany. NTT Communications plans on using the solution in 150+ facilities worldwide by the end of 2022.



Automating site survey processes to optimize next-generation data center management


Using visual communication to boost collaboration performance.

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