SeAH CSS accelerates digital transformation for its steel factories with Beamo Digital Twins

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The long, hard journey towards complete digital transformation

As a forerunner in the industry, SeAH has long since begun the digital transformation of its organization. With factories located across 10 countries on 4 different continents, SeAH needs a vast network of specialists and engineers stationed at every site to ensure optimal and quality production.


A faster and simpler way to make digital twins

Beamo comes into the picture. Beamo makes digital twins for mission-critical facilities 10x faster than other solutions in the market. SeAH and Beamo enters into a POC to create a digital twin for their Reducing Size Block (RSB) machine.


Ready, set, scale

SeAH is excited for the next steps of the digital transformation of their factories. Mr. Chae says, “With Beamo’s solution, we can accomplish more with less time and effort. Our next course of action is to integrate the rest of the machines in the production line after the RSB machine such that they are all connected operationally and visually in the digital twin.”

Mr. Chae is confident that the project will be successful and that they can eventually create digital twins of their 9 factories and 3 other sites, and after that, to other affiliates in SeAH like SeAH Steel, SeAH Besteel, and so forth.

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