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Beamo is an innovative solution that uses AI, Computer Vision, Geolocation and XR. Discover some of Beamo's technological pillars and work with us to create new applications.

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The 3D Backbone of the Digital Twin

A Beamo Digital Twin can be defined as a virtual replica of a physical space synchronized at a specified frequency and fidelity.

This virtual replica of an indoor or outdoor space is displayed as a 3D environment. This environment is a cloud-based digital setting, created with the illusion of depth, which is the foundation of immersive experiences. One of the main challenges is to be able to allow anybody to work with 3D spaces and have a seamless virtual experience using only a 2D screen.

Beamo’s machine learning algorithm processes only once to generate a 3D indoor view of a digital building. Beamo displays the result consistently, no matter what device is used or whatever modifications or annotations are added to the 3D Workspace. All limitations are considered - limited bandwidth, limited computing power, outdated browsers - to deliver a smooth and realistic output.

3D is resource-intensive for most applications. A whole indoor view cannot be loaded entirely on RAM or on the graphic card memory. To improve user experience, Beamo only loads the field of view of the user while the rest of the 3D space dynamically loads on demand.

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Understanding  Digital Twins


Unlocking spatial capture, at scale

To provide a stable and immersive Digital Twin experience, each capture position needs to be rooted in its specific location. Without proper positioning, navigating from point to point in the 3D environment would feel unrealistic.

As the surveyor captures a space, Beamo transposes his position in real-time on a Cartesian coordinate system (X,Y, Z axis). In simple terms, Beamo can understand how the surveyor moves through a three-dimensional space and stitch each 360° picture to his exact location.

To enable Path Tracking, Beamo uses both V-SLAM (Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) and IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensors. Beamo combines visual and inertial mapping just like any person would use their eyes and inner ear to understand and balance movement in 3 dimensions.

Beamo uses what we call a VPS (Visual Positioning System) instead of a GPS. Indeed, although GPS placement is often used to provide real-time positioning indoors, poor reception often hinders precision and accuracy. Therefore, VPS represents a more viable option to capture spaces with extreme precision.

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Choose your Beamo fighter

Beamo proposes different options to capture indoor and outdoors spaces.

  • Beamo Starter Kit

  • Beamo Pathfinder

  • Outdoor Survey

Beamo Starter Kit

The simplest flow to start capturing with Beamo.


Beamo Pathfinder

Expand survey capabilities.


Outdoor Survey

Our latest capture mode using GPS coordinates.

Path Tracking
V-SLAM Smartphone Stereo Camera Frame 9
IMU Smartphone Stereo Camera Frame 9
GPS Frame 9 Frame 9 Smartphone
Indoor High Very High Very Low
Outdoor High Very High High
Short Distances High Very High Low
Long Distances Low Medium High
Capture Methods
Tripod Frame 10 Frame 10 Frame 10
Monopod Frame 9 Frame 10 Frame 10
Hard Hat Frame 9 Frame 10 Frame 10
Car Frame 9 Frame 10 Frame 10
Robot Frame 9 Frame 10 Frame 10
Drone Frame 9 Frame 10 Frame 10
Smartphone Alignement Required Skipped Skipped
Floor Plan Calibration Required Required Skipped
360 Picture Download Required Skipped Required
Tag After Capture During Capture After Capture

When the digital
goes spatial

As the line between our digital and physical worlds already begins to blur, processes, data, documents, and activities that have direct physical implications are often rendered pointless when interpreted without their environmental context. As a result, new recruits or teams working remotely have difficulties understanding specific details or the implications of their decisions, without actually going onsite.

We are constantly revolutionizing the way information currently travels and is consumed throughout the internet using the Web 1.0 (the first browser), the Web 2.0 (mobile browser) and, in the near future, the Web 3.0 (3D browser).

As a result of digital transformation, many digital assets are unrooted from their physical origin and context. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning (AI/ML), Virtual and Augmented Realities (VR/AR), geolocation technologies, and low latency networks (5G), the Spatial Internet has never been closer.

Beamo gives you the foundation to create your own corporate spatial internet that will let you contextualize site documentation, field training programs, IoT sensor data, operational tasks,... all in the context of the digitally replicated site or facility.

Beamo gives you the foundation to create your own corporate spatial internet that allows you to contextualize site documentation, field training programs, IoT Sensors data, Operational tasks,... all in the context of the digitally replicated site or facility.

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When Digital Twins meet AI

Just capture as much space as you need and let Beamo take care of the rest. We continuously develop new features that tap into the potential of all your captured images to improve user experience. 


Look for things in your digital twin quickly and intelligently through Beamo’s Smart Search. Simply upload a picture of the item and easily find its lookalike objects instead of playing hide-and-seek for hours.


Take perfect and accurate surveys even on rugged, uneven terrain. Beamo’s auto-leveling feature compensates for changes in the camera’s angles and automatically aligns and stitches images together.


Capturing spaces with no one around can be challenging and sometimes, impossible to do. Protect people’s privacy by blurring their faces and unique features. 

Want to take Beamo for a 360° spin?


Let's do something spatial

There are massive amounts of data being generated by your sites, and while Digital Transformation is well on its way, you may find that current 2D workflows or applications lack dimension. Indeed, without a Digital Twin to provide ground-truth visibility, your framework is only telling half the story. Integrate with Beamo to gain actionable insights based on immersive and spatial technology.



Develop meaningful applications using Beamo

Are you a developer? Have a look at our API and see how it can integrate with your other solutions.


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